Everquest Windows 10 Issues

Throughout the years that I have been boxing I have stumbled onto quite a few different issues with Everquest and the modern day windows system. I've decided to create this page as a way to compile every problem I have faced with getting a computer to work with Everquest and how I resolved that problem.

That way incase anyone out there has a problem with EQ and are unable to get a solution for it on the EQ forums, hopefully, maybe, you'll find this page and have all your questions answered! This page will be updated over time as I find more and more issues/think of ones I've already resolved that I could document here.


Xbox/Microsoft Gamebar

Everquest Insane Lag Issue

Nvidia GeForce Experience



Those are all of the Everquest Issues that come to mind! It's not much as you can see but the section will probably grow more and more over time.