Windows 10 'Gamebar' Issue

           One of the more annoyingly frustrating aspects of Everquest and Windows 10 is the Microsoft X-box Gamebar. If you've been using windows 10 for awhile and have played other games you've probably seen this already or even fixed it. When you log into mostly every game you get a notice about the Xbox crap and Game DVR until you disable it. Normally you can just ignore it and not have it impede your gameplay but when it comes to boxing in Everquest - having that running on every client will really eat up your computer.

           Luckily, disabling it is easy. All you need to do is use the 'search' feature on your computer and type in Xbox. You should only get one thing that pops up which is just a little Xbox App with the Xbox picture. Click on that and you'll be brought to the screen below.

           Yours may look slightly different, especially if this guide is a few years old when you're reading it. Funny enough, my account is actually named DisableGamebar1, DisableGamebar was actually taken. Jokes aside see the bottom left where it says Settings? Click on that part to bring up a window which is some what shown in the screen shot below.

           Newer updates of Windows 10 actually moved the Game bar out of the Settings under Xbox and instead into Settings in your computer. Clicking the Windows Settings that you see in the screen shot below on the left will launch the large box that you see talking about the Game bar on the right.

           In these options at the very top of the list you'll see that it says "Record game clips screenshots and broadcast using game bar" this is what you'll want to set as "off". That's all there is to it - once you've turned that off that annoying game bar will be disabled!










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