OoW Everquest Farming Locations

Farming in Everquest is a highly subjective and ever changing aspect of the game. One week a location might be hot and the items you get selling off the shelfs and another week you might be unable to sell anything you farm from that area. The areas that I mention on these pages are locations that I know of which can be used for farming. It'll be up to you to determine whether or not they're good on your server and/or whether or not you'll be able to handle the location.

There's also two different types of farming locations. You have some locations which make you raw plat and locations which you'll farm for items that you have to sell in The Bazaar or to other players in order to turn a decent profit. You'll need to keep this in mind when you choose one of the farming locations on this page.

Dragons of Norrath: Once this expansion launches on your server Cultural items will start dropping. They're the different level Loam, Marrow, Ore, Pelts, Silk and Spinnerets that drop from almost all enemies in the game. The Ore, Pelts and Silk are worth saving and selling in The Bazaar to other players. The other ones sometimes have value.

The Buried Sea: Once TBS launches on your server Sunshard Ore, Pebbles, Dust and Powder start dropping. Sunshard Ore becomes one of the best money makers for leveling players from now until forever. It'll always have a Bazaar value and it's only increased in time.


Farming Locations 20 - 30

East Karana (Field Killing) Solo, Antisocial Zone - The mobs in this zone that you'll be killing are all in their late teens to early twenties. You'll primarily be killing the spiders here for money but the lions/cats also drop pelts which you can sell for some plat too. A few higher level mobs patrol through this area so if you are lower level watch out for Cyclops, Griffons and Hill Giants. If you're higher level the Hill Giants and cyclops are great plat and the Griffons drop Griffon Feathers which can be sold as well. If you have Foraging be sure to forage here for Tea Leaves which also sell.

Rallic Pack (Misc) solo, semi-social - Farming materials to craft Rallic Packs is a pretty good way to make money for lower level players. You can even craft the packs yourself if you'd like to cut out the middle man and just sell the packs! You'll need Perfect Owlbeat Pelts, Shadeling Silk, and some other vendor purchased stuff. For farming Shadeling Silk I recommend you check out the location just above this one in Shadeweaver's Thicket. As far as the Perfect Owlbear Pelts go, Hollowshade Moor is definitely your best bet. Check vendors in the zone too incase any noobie Vah Shir vendored them.


Farming Locations 30 - 50

Many locations have been redacted from this section in an effort to make this guide less verbose. If you'd like to see more farming locations (and easier ones) I recommend that you use my Classic Farming Guide as well as the Velious Farming Guide. They'll have locations designed for players without any gear and whom are truly just starting out.

During this level range I would strongly recommend the Rathe Hill Giants if you need immediate plat or you hit up the Cyclops in Ocean of Tears too. The OoT Cyclops will have the added benefit of also giving you EXP while you hunt them up until at least level 46 at which point it'll really start to decline.

If you'd like some different ideas on locations to farm I recommend you head back to my Classic Farming Guide or Velious Farming Guide. Both of those guides will have some different locations than what you see mentioned here.

Everfrost Giants (Camp) Solo, Social location - The giants in Everfrost are a pretty well known location and can be found right outside of Permafrost Caverns. There are only a few that spawn here so you won't be able to share the camp with someone and the camp is very highly traffic'd by people heading to Vox so it isn't a really good spot if you're looking to stay away from people. The good news though is these giants share the same loot tables as Hill Giants (or close enough) so they're pretty much walking money bags!

Rathe Mountains Hill Giants (Field Killing) Solo, Extremely Social Zone - Well I assume pretty much everyone playing Everquest knows about this location by now! Rathe Mountains is classic Everquests ATM bank pretty much. There's one hill where it is very common to see Hill Giants spawn and also very common to see lots of people running around slaying them. You can make well over 10k in raw plat from a day of farming here. Be warned though, this definitely isn't an antisocial location.

Marus Seru Rockhoppers (Field Killing) Solo, Mostly Antisocial - This location is one of the earliest spots for you to farm Rockhopper Hides. These hides are used in raising your Tailoring skill and will be sought by players for many many expansions to come.

Cyclops Ocean of Tears (Field Killing) Solo/Boxing Very Social - In Ocean of Tears there is an island called the Seafury island which is home to a bunch of Cyclops as well as a single Hill Giant named Gornit. This island is a hotspot for soloers especially those who kite since the Cyclops have pretty good loot tables and Gornit does as well. You'll get at least a couple plat with each kill usually as well as gems and other valuables. Also there is a named cyclops that is very rare that spawns here called Ancient Cyclops, he drops a ring used in the Jboots quest!


Farming Locations 50 - 60

This is the level range that things will really start to open up for you with different options for farming. If you're a solo player almost everything mentioned in this section will be too difficult for you. I'd recommend you use the previous section & even the section before that to come up with different locations to farm.

Additionally many locations have been redacted from this Farming Guide. I'd recommend you check my Classic and Velious Farming Guides for different ideas that aren't mentioned here. Especially if you find these farming locations too difficult for your level, you might want to try an earlier expansion where things are easier.

Boxers or players well geared will be able to easily handle all of the locations mentioned below.

Old Sebilis (Dungeon Crawl) Boxers/Well Geared Solo Players
- Chardok (Dungeon Crawl) Boxers/Well Geared Solo Players
- Kael Drakkel (Dungeon Crawl) Boxers/Well Geared Solo Players
- Velketor's Labyrinth (Dungeon Crawl) Boxers/Well Geared Solo Players
- Siren's Grotto (Dungeon Crawl) Boxers
- Umbral Plains (Field Killing) Boxers/Well Geared Solo Players
- Acrylia Caverns (Dungeon Crawl) Boxers/Well Geared Solo Players
- Mons Letalis (Field Killing) Boxers/Well Geared Solo Players


Farming Locations 60 - 70

Plane of Justice (Foraging) Solo - Plane of Justice has Planar Fruit as a foragable item which is useful for people looking to raise their baking.

Plane of Innovation (Foraging) Solo - Much like Plane of Justice, mentioned above, PoI also has an item which you can forage up called Clockwork Grease. It's a rare component used in Tinkering. Plane of Innovation also has a TON of different Tinkering materials that drop from the enemies in the zone. It's worth it to save their TS mats to sell in The Bazaar.

Plane of Valor (Field Killing) Group/Boxer Social Zone - There are a few different things to farm Plane of Valor for Hero Parts, Metallic Liquid, and Brick of Valorium. Hero Parts will net you the fastest and most reliable money out of all the Tradeskill mats that drop here. You might struggle selling the rest.

Bastion of Thunder (Dungeon Crawl) Group/Boxer Social Zone - There's a lot of different ways to make money in the Bastion of Thunder. You can kill the Jords or Mephits for meat which will help you raise Baking. You can also kill the named enemies like Gaukr Sandstorm and Oreen Wavecrasher in the hopes of getting Ornate Armor Patterns to drop.

Plane of Nightmare (Dungeon Crawl) Group/Boxer Social Zone - The Hobgoblin cave in northern Plane of Nightmare is a great supply of different types of Tradeskill materials, one of them being Brick of Nightmare Iron. This might not be a bad spot to farm for you if you can handle the cave & don't mind slowly but surely selling the TS mats you farm here.

Drunder Fortress of Zek (Dungeon Crawl/Field Killing) - This zone drops a wide assortment of Tradeskill materials which are used in combines like Bloodmetal Earring of Engagement. This Earring is a decent piece of Jewelry that makes an upgrade for most Melee Characters that don't have raid gear.

In addition to the items mentioned above you're also going to want to keep an eye out for any Ornate Armor Patterns you come across. Unlike the previously mentioned items Ornate Armor Patterns only drop from named enemies and they are useful for many expansions later than PoP as they give you some of the best armor for this era.

This is why farming named enemies in any PoP zone isn't a bad idea if you're looking to make some extra plat. I'd recommend you find a name that you can easily kill from my list of Ornate Armor Pattern Named Drops and get to farming! Keep in mind that some patterns aren't worth much at all. Ornate Silk Helm, Boots & Ornate Leather Helm & Boots are four that come to mind which all sell for 1/4 of what the others sell for.


**If you're in a raiding Guild and Elemental Planes flagged**

Those of you out there lucky enough to be a part of a raiding guild that is flagged for the PoP Elemental Planes will find additional places that are worth farming. Note: these locations will be even more difficult than the previously mentioned zones and aren't for solo players. Some people may be able to solo the locations I am about to mention but I'd recommend you be a boxer if you choose to farm here.


Plane of Fire (Field/Dungeon Crawl) Moderately Social - One of the best things for players to farm in Plane of Fire is Brick of Molten Ore which is used for people looking to raise their Tinkering Skills. The Brick of Molten Ore mostly drops off the Jopal enemies which you find in Field 1 and the cave connecting Field 1 to City 1.

Plane of Water (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This zone will be a total nightmare to navigate for anyone who really loathes underwater fighting. Those of you out there who aren't too bothered by it will find great rewards for hunting in this zone. There's an assortment of Ore, Bow Staffs, Deepwater Ink and other goodies that drop from this zone which help raise a multitude of different Tradeskills like Fletching and Alchemy.


Farming Locations in OoW Zones

Much like how during the Planes of Power expansion pack you farmed different planes for Ornate Armor patterns as well as Ethereal Parchments, Spectral Parchments and Glyphed Rune Words - this time we're going to be farming Omens of War zones for basically the same crap!

During the Omens of War expansion pack a total of 6 different Muramite Runes were added into the game, 5 of them drop from group content while 1 drops only from raids. For the next three expansion packs, until these spells are sold in PoK, you'll make a fortune selling any of the Muramite Runes that you get to drop and don't need.

In addition to the named enemies dropping Muramite Runes they also will drop Attuneable gear which you can sell in The Bazaar and to other players.