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Kael Drakkel - Velious Leveling Guide

Kael Drakkel Leveling Locations

One of the main end game zones added in the Velious expansion pack is Kael Drakkel. This zone is home of the Kromrif frost giants which are part of the faction triangle of this expansion pack. What I mean is, killing the Kromrif will increase your reputation with the Claws of Veeshan (dragons) and Coldain (frost dwarves).

Alternatively you can also become an ally to the frost giants in this zone by killing dragons throughout the Velious X-pac or by killing dwarves. Players working on the Kael Drakkel Raid Armor will need ally faction with the frost giants in this zone in order to complete the quests.

For those of you looking to hunt in this zone - you can basically hunt anywhere you want. This zone has a really large level spread so depending on what level you are will determine where it is exactly you're going to want to hunt. Iceshard Manor is good for late 40s early 50s, Tormax's area 55+. Arena I am not as sure.

All giants in this zone have a chance of dropping unmade pieces of armor that can be used in the Thurgadin Class Armor Quests which will reward you with Velious Group Armor for your class. On top of this any giant you kill in this zone has a chance of dropping a piece of Giant Scalemail Gear.

The three locations I have marked on my map above are where you'll find the highest concentration of named enemies/enemies that drop rare loot. I've created a list of all the nameds I have found in those locations below. This isn't all of them but it definitely is a lot of them.


Nameds in Green Area (marked Iceshard Manor):

Bjoskhua Blackfist: Flayed Coldain-Skin Leggings, Mask of Malediction

Nojas Blackfist: Iceshaper's Staff, Silver Dragon Tattoo

Reivaj the Battlerager: Gem of Rage, Vehemet Sword of Reivaj, Antlered Mask

Clrakk Blackfist: Circlet of Cerulean Smoke,

Oracle Kaeren: Belt of Dwarfskulls,

Klaggan Iceshard: Engraved Skull Amulet, Greaves of Avoidance

Vorken Iceshard: Dragonhide Belt,


Most of the nameds above are in their mid to late 40s. They are also on an extremely long respawn timer from what I have seen - probably around 30 minutes or so. If anyone can confirm how long please leave me a comment below!


Nameds in King Tormax's Area (Red Circle):

Yetarr: Coldain Skin Gloves, Coldain Skin Boots

Dlammaz Stormslayer: Cloak of the Maelstrom, Frostbringer

Kyenka: Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons, Barbed Dragonscale Boots

Captain Bvellos: Glowing Black Sword,

None of the named quest NPCs in the room behind King Tormax drop any loot. I'd recommend you don't kill them considering they have an extremely long respawn time, don't drop any loot and someone out there may need them for their quest turn ins. With that said though - you might have to kill these guys in order to reach the side rooms which *do* have named enemies in them.


Nameds around the Arena (Blue Circle):

((I'm not sure I saw any in this area))


The safest camp(s) I would say are nearby the zone line to Wakening Lands or East Wastes. You can find the most single/double pulls in this area. Out of the three locations I have on my map above the Arena (blue circle) would be the easiest. The second would be the green circle, Iceshard Manor. Which P99ers may be confused by me calling it that - it's what it's called in the Rain of Fear version of the zone.

The mobs in Kael Drakkel have an excessively long respawn time from what I have experienced so you best be prepared to move around as you hunt. Waiting in one location in this zone can get boring rather quick. One last thing, if you're hunting here during Velious and looking to raise the Claws of Veeshan reputation you might want to loot Giant Warrior Helmets. They're used in a quest which you can learn more about by following my link.

Additional Information

- There are two different ways for you to enter Kael Drakkel; through Wakening Lands and through East Wastes. The safest and most common route is through East Wastes (get a Dru/Wiz port to Iceclad or Great Divide) but the fastest route is through Wakening Lands.

- The Eroded Leather, Torn Enchanted Silk, Corroded Plate and Corroded Chain pieces of armor that drop in Kael Drakkel are used in the Thurgadin Group Armor Quests.

- This zone was remade during the Rain of Fear expansion pack.

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