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How to make Bayle's Delight

Bayle's Delight is one of the 6 different ingredients that is used in making Qeynos Afternoon Tea and is one of the more annoying ones to gather. The most difficult part of this recipe is collecting the Griffon Feathers which you can collect simultaneously with Tea Leaves (Foraged in East Karana).

In addition to being able to farm these feathers in East Karana you can also find plenty of Griffons/Griffawns for you to kill in North Karana too. There's actually more Griffons in North Karana so if you can't forage I would recommend you hunt there instead.

As for the other materials, King's Thorn is purchased in East Freeport or Steamfont Mountains. If you're unfriendly to both of these races then make a Human that has access to the merchant we need in East Freeport and give him money through the Shared Bank.

Once you have all of the items you will want to head over to a brew barrel and combine them. (Trivial 147)


Bayle's Delight x 12


1 Griffon Feathers

1 King's Thorn

1 Water Flask