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Where to farm Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves are a Foraged item from East Karana, a zone that Druids are able to port to using Succor: East. They aren't that common so in order for you to get all of the Tea Leaves that you need, you'll be spending a whole bunch of time in East Karana.

While you're in East Karana it's highly recommended you try and take out two birds with one stone. You can farm the Spiders here and other mobs for some extra plat; which is something I talk about more in my East Karana Farming Guide.

In addition to farming here for money there's other things we'll want to keep an eye out for. Things like Griffon Feathers which we'll need for Bayle's Delight. Keep an eye out for an undead cyclops which roams this zone too as he drops Cyclops Skull, an item you can use in Brewing yourself or sell to other players.


Tea Leaves