High Quality Lion Skin + Mist Wolf Pelt + Low/Medium/High Quality Animal Pelts

High Quality Lion Skins are one of the rarest ingredients used in Classic Everquest. This item is primarily used in creating Fleeting Quivers which is an item that's very useful for Rangers and is one of the only methods available for people to raise their Tailoring in Classic EQ.

You'll find these High Quality Lion Skins dropping from 'a highland lion' enemy in North Karana. This enemy has a chance of spawning in a very wide area of Northern Karana which means you're going to be spending quite a bit of time running around and hunting enemies in the zone.

While you're here hunting the lions it's recommended that you also defeat the wolves, bears and other cats you find as they all have a chance of dropping High Quality, Medium Quality and Low Quality Pelts. These can be used for other recipes if you're raising your Tradeskills to 350 or sold to other players for profit if you're playing on a TLP/active population live server.


If you're level 30 + you can also defeat the Griffon and Griffawn that are in this zone for their Gryphon Feathers. These feathers are used in creating Fleeting Quivers as well as a few other recipes; if you don't plan to use them yourself you can probably sell them to a player for a profit.