Blood Drinker's Coating Clicky

Blood Drinker's Coating is a useful clicky for Tanks and Melee which is found in many of the different Dead Hills instances in the Call of the Forsaken expansion pack. The tasks that Gribble gives you (found on this page) are some of the easiest instances that you can obtain this item from. Either way, if you're level 105 + it'll likely be a piece of cake for you to beat these missions and the named enemies.

While farming for this item keep an eye out for any Ethernere Essence, it's the expansion wide Tradeskill item that's rather valuable since it can be used to streamline Research 1 - 300 along with many other Tradeskill recipes. Also from each mission you complete you'll be rewarded Marks of Valor which can be used to purchase two non-prestige augs, a few dozen more augs from previous expansions and gear/spells! On Firiona Vie you'll even be able to sell the Marks of Valor in The Bazaar which makes farming for this aug even more profitable!


Effect: Vampiric Aura: Coats your weapon in a lifetap poison, causing 2% of the melee damage inflicted to heal you.
Cool Down: 10 Minutes
Buff Duration: 3 Minutes


Blood Drinker's Coating Allakhazam Information