Marks of Valor - CoTF HA Currency

As you may or may not already know the main currency for completing Heroic Adventures and missions in the Call of the Forsaken expansion pack is called Marks of Valor. This currency is used to purchase a wide variety of different gear and items for players between the levels of 75 and 100!

That's right, unlike most expansions' gear - CoTF actually offers you gear for much more than just a 5 level spread! The best part about all of this is that the merchants also sell some of the best Augmentations that dropped for the last 5 or 6 expansion packs! This means you can simply grind HAs in CoTF instead of having to go back and farm obscure content for augs!

You can find these NPCs right where you zone into West Karana: Ethernere from the Guild Hall. They're grouped around the large rock in the center of the camp and there is a different NPC for every 5 level spread. In addition to these 5 NPCs you'll also find a vendor marked (Group Merchant) which sells Mark of Valor gear and augmentations for players that are level 100. This NPC is shown in the screen shot below.

Instead of listing the items that each of these vendors sells (which Allakhazam and EQ Resource already do) I am instead going to list *only* their augmentations. Since I would assume 90% of us only care about the augmentations on the majority of these vendors, it'll be most beneficial to like minded folk. I'll provide links to EQ Resource & Allakhazam for each vendor as well incase you want the full listing.

Merchant Chebel (Level 75 Gear)

He doesn't sell any augs actually, just level 75 gear for everyone.

Merchant Chebel Allakhazam

Merchant Chebel EQ Resource


Merchant Orvan (Level 80 Gear)

This NPC sells a bunch of different augs but 90% of them totally blow. If you were around when Augmentations were first introduced you may still be mislead to believe an aug with only HP/Mana on it is good. Well, ever since Heroic Stats were introduced an aug like this kind of blows now. The only real exception is if the aug ALSO has AC on it - then it's good.

For this NPC I am only going to list the augs that I would buy/use.

Coleoptera Mechanical Beetle Eye: 30 AC

Essence of Sorrow: 15AC 5 to all Stats and Resists (this isn't that good of an aug, I would arguably skip it if you were 100)

Geartop Gear: 35 AC 50 HP (One of the better tank ones)

Polished Caracite: 25 AC 40 HP

Tainted Brownie Heart: 15 AC 80 HP

Warleader's Pearl: 30 AC 50 HP

Merchant Orvan EQ Resource

Merchant Orvan Allakhazam


Merchant Akele (Level 85 Gear)

This merchant is the first one that starts selling Augmentations that are actually worth using at level 100 still. The previous merchant has one or two high AC augs that tanks might still end up using at level 100 if they haven't purchased anything else yet... but it's not like an aug worth bragging about or anything. Get what I mean?

These are some of the better Augs for level 100+ players as they finally start having Heroic Stats introduced onto them.

Blazing Protective Scales: 30AC 40HP 45Mana 45Endurance +5 Heroic Strength (Heroic Strength isn't as good of a Heroic Stat as the other ones.. So I only recommend you get this aug if you find the AC/HP/Mana to be better than one of your current ones)

Crystalline Tear: 110 HP 155 Mana 155 Endurance +5 Heroic Int/Wis (Good for casters even at 100)

Eye of the Spitting Firebug: 130 HP 135 Mana +5 Heroic Stamina (Decent Aug if you can't get something else)

Facet of the Siren: 22 AC 80 HP +2 Heroic Agility +5 Heroic Dexterity (Great tank Aug)

Incarnadine Gemstone: 35 AC 75 HP +2 Heroic Stamina +6 Heroic Agility (Great tank Aug)

Jewel of the Self: 35 AC 75 HP +6 Heroic Int/Wis and +1 Heroic Dex (Great Caster Aug)

Tainted Chip of Hardened Clay: 155 HP 110 Mana +5 Heroic Strength + 2 Heroic Stamina (It's meh if you don't have anything else)

Merchant Akele EQ Resource

Merchant Akele Allakhazam


Merchant Nyvan (Level 90 Gear)

This merchant doesn't have very many augs for sale but the ones he does are quite powerful.

Blessing of Might: Aug for melee weapons (If you're reading this on a TLP when CoTF is current this will be one of the better augs you can get)

Blood-Soaked Spellstone: 28 AC 130 HP +8 Heroic Dexterity (Great augmentation for tanks/melee)

Lifeweaver's Symbol: 38 AC 115 HP +8 Heroic Strength (Not that good of an aug but if you have some crap like Blazing Protective Scales in one of your slots - this would be a better choice)

Nesalie's Spell Gem: 34 AC 75 HP 75 Mana +2 Stamina +8 Agility (Great tank aug for awhile to come)

Shimmering Heart of the Phantasm: 38 AC 115 HP 115 Mana +8 Heroic Int/Wis +1 Heroic Stam (One of the better caster augs you can get during this time period)

Merchant Nyvan EQ Resource

Merchant Nyvan Allakhazam


Merchant Sertan (Level 95 Gear)

As you could imagine this vendor has some Augmentations which are very good for characters 95 - 100. The Augs this guy sells come from VoA/HoT zones and were some of the best augs for that era. Barrier of Coalesced Clouds is one that comes to mind that is an absolute must have for melee/tanks.

Barrier of Coalesced Clouds: 40 AC 110 HP +8 Heroic Dexterity +1 Heroic Agility (One of the most useful Melee/Tank augs you can get from these vendors)

Clearstone of Justice: 215 HP 150 Mana 150 Endurance +8 Heroic Strength +1 Heroic Dexterity

Cracked Shard of the Brute: 29 AC 140 HP 140 Mana 140 Endurance +8 Heroic Stamina +2 Heroic Agility (Mediocre aug that's useful to everyone)

Double Pronged Grendlaen Incisor: 40 AC 110 Mana 110 Endurance +8 Heroic Wis/Int (One of the best caster augs you can get)

Cacophonic Shard: Aug for Melee Weapons (One of the best melee weapon augs you can get during this era too)

Merchant Sertan EQ Resource

Merchant Sertan Allakhazam


Requisitioner Rhies (Level 100 Gear)

This is the very last merchant that accepts Marks of Valor currency in exchange for Gear and Augmentations. Everything at this vendor costs roughly 1000 Marks of Valor so I highly recommend if you're buying the Augmentations/if that's your only concern buy out the useful ones from the previous vendors first.

Also check The Bazaar before purchasing any of the gear that you want from this guy - 1000 Marks of Valor for Latent Ether gear and the items he sells is a bit of a rip off. Depending on your server you probably can find CoTF gear in your bazaar for under 50k each.

Doomscale Gem: Caster Aug - NOT PRESTIGE - Very useful for even modern day characters with Ring of Scale since it's not prestige.

Deathswell Crystal: Melee Aug - NOT PRESTIGE - Very useful for any melee boxes that you leave silver considering it's not a prestige aug.

There are other augs which go into weapons that I don't list here. It's subjective on which one you want for your class. The only one I will draw your attention to is Exhumed Rune the tank weapon aug that procs Rune. (Not prestige too)!

Requisitioner Rhies EQ Resource

Requisitioner Rhies Allakhazam