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Halo 4 (Mission 8) The Composer Walkthrough

Composer Start of Mission

Video Walkthrough: Mission 8 The Composer Walkthrough
Terminal Location: Mission 8 The Composer Terminal Location (With Cutscene)

The Composer mission begins with Master Chief recovering from the crash onboard the facility with Tillson. Continue through the hallway in front of you and you will come across your first battle arena which is a large room filled with Covenant. You'll be treated to a brief scene when you arrive of a Jackal taking out some of the workers here.

Inside this room you'll want to eliminate all of the Covenant on your way to the building in the middle. There will be some Marines and scientists in here along with some weapons that you can pick up if you're interested. Keep an eye out for weapon lockers along the walls too - there are typically Assault Rifles that you can grab/restock on ammo everywhere.

Phantoms will drop off more Covenant in the landing bay which you will have to deal with. About half way through the fight Cortana will contact you and put a marker on your HUD that's out on one of the platforms. Pressing this button will create an energy field and prevent any more Phantoms from coming in (pictured below).

Stop Phantoms From Entering Bay
Hit this button to prevent Phantoms from entering the docking bay

You have two options when you're notified about this computer terminal. The first is to race out to the terminal and hit it which will prevent any more Phantoms from coming in. If there are too many enemies in your way or you're not comfortable running into the fray to hit the switch then I recommend you wait and clear out all of the enemies instead. One or two more Phantoms will come in and drop off enemies and you'll have to clear them all before interacting with the terminal. The choice is yours.

After clearing out all of the enemies and interacting with the terminal you'll talk with Tillson over the radio briefly and a nearby door will open up for you. I recommend you grab a turret and detach it then head for the door. Using a turret to clear the upcoming rooms will make everything a lot easier.

Clear the room and proceed up the stairs which is where you will fight some Elites. Take them out and head through the door nearby, this will dump you out into a large research lab with two Hunters. Defeat them and then activate the terminal on the door nearby to trigger a cutscene with Dr. Tillson.

Two Hunters In Lab

When you regain control of Master Chief you'll be in a small hallway. Head outside to the area with the Mantis' walking around and all of the Marines. If you're interested in getting the Terminal on this mission you can find it in this location, there is a little cave in the direction we need to go which houses it. Check out my Mission 8 Composer Terminal Location Youtube Video for the exact location.

Sadly this game doesn't have cardinal directions on the HUD so it's hard to give you directions, if you get lost Cortana will eventually mark on your HUD where to go. Basically, we're going across the energy floor to the ramp on the other side and through a doorway that's here. Enter the room that Cortana marks on your HUD and wait for the Marine inside to open up the door for you.

The next few areas you go through will be hallways - check the walls for small maintenance passage ways that will allow you to flank the Covenant enemies. Eventually the hallway you're in will lead you to a room with 3 airlocks. For the first airlock all you need to do is go through the door on the opposite end to continue.

You'll be in a hallway that looks very similar to the last one that we just went through. What's different about this hallway though is you will pass by Marines and researchers who call out to you when you get close. They will open a door for you that allows you to grab a few weapons and an Automated Turret Armor Ability. It's up to you if you want to stop for these goodies.

Continue through this hallway to reach another airlock room. This time you'll have to eliminate all of the Covenant inside to proceed. Each of the three airlocks will open and dump out Covenant enemies into this room. The only enemy I feel the need to warn you about is a stealth Sword Elite which will come out of the middle airlock. He can be a pain because he runs straight for you and depending on where you are can easily get the jump on you.

The Composer Airlock Room

After defeating all of the enemies in this airlock room continue through the door that's now open on the second floor. This will lead you through a hallway and into a room with some Elites - eliminate them and interact with the computer terminal inside for a scene. While you're waiting for the door to open grab some weapons from the weapon lockers nearby (I recommend the DMR).

Pull Cortana out of the computer terminal and head through the newly opened door. You'll have a few hallways to go through before coming out to an observatory room that overlooks the large open area we passed through earlier with the Mantis' and the Composer. Grab the Spartan Laser in this room and wait for Cortana to stop yelling at you and open the door to proceed.

Head outside and take out any of the Grunts that are shooting at you - when it is safe hop into the Mantis and get to work taking out all of the Covenant. This next part of the mission is a scripted event where Covenant will attack you wave after wave and you'll have to survive. For the best chance at survival you'll want to be inside a Mantis blowing up everything that gets anywhere near you.

During this part of the mission you can destroy the Phantoms that fly over head too - it is a lot easier on Co-op when multiple people shoot the same Phantom but you can definitely do it single player too. If your Mantis gets destroyed for any reason you can find spare ones on the platforms around this battle arena.

Fending Off Covenant With Mantis

When the fight is over Cortana will mark a door nearby on your HUD which you'll have to go to. Follow the HUD to a room with a computer terminal and interact with it to progress the mission. There will be a really long wait as a scene plays out - open the door once it is over and the mission will be complete.


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