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Halo 4 (Mission 7) Shutdown Walkthrough

Shutdown Taking off With Pelican

Video Walkthrough: Mission 7 Shutdown Walkthrough
Terminal Location: Mission 7 Shutdown Terminal Location (With Cutscene)

You begin Shutdown inside of the Infinity. Explore the large room you're in for a little bit and make sure to grab whatever guns you want from the weapon racks around the room. You can also find a set of guns attached to each side of the Pelican that will refresh periodically throughout this mission.

When you're ready to leave this room hop inside of the Pelican and you will be lowered to the take off ramp. Hold down the acceleration button and you will fly out and off of the runway into the sky. You'll find yourself in a very large battle arena with some Phantoms flying around the entrance we need to go to. If you get lost while outside just follow the marker on your HUD.

Destroy all of the Phantoms near the entrance we need then land the Pelican and head inside. Once you're inside you'll want to hop onto the gondola and interact with the computer terminal ontop to get it moving. The rest of this room is pretty straight forward, enemies will occasionally stop your gondola and attack you.

Each time this happens you'll need to dismount the gondola and interact with a computer terminal to get it moving again. You will eventually reach the end of the room where you'll have to step onto a platform with glowing orange light to trigger an EMP blast. The location I am talking about will be marked on your HUD just like everything else in this room.

Once you stand in the orange light for long enough and trigger the EMP blast you'll be done with this room. Return to the gondola, keep fighting enemies and ride it back to the Pelican landing pad. When you step outside to the Pelican you may notice that it's positioned differently than when you landed it. This is actually a completely new Pelican that will be fully restocked on weapons if you want to grab another SAW, Railgun or whatever your heart desires.

Pelican Spartan Laser

Take off using the Pelican and fly around in the sky until you get the HUD update pointing you to the next building. Just like before you'll want to fly over to it and use the Spartan Laser on the Pelican to dispatch the Phantoms near your entrance. After getting rid of all the Phantoms land your Pelican and proceed inside of the building that looks exactly like the previous one.

Go through a short hallway to find yourself in a large battle arena with tons of Promethean enemies everywhere you look. Inside this new battle arena you'll first be tasked with interacting with a computer terminal in the middle. This will reconfigure the room a little bit and give you 3 different locations that you'll need to visit and destroy something.

For right now you should focus on defeating all of the enemies attacking you - the objects we need to destroy will be marked on your HUD making them easy to find. When you get close enough to them the little glowing orb will make itself vulnerable to you and all you need to do is shoot it a bunch to destroy it.

Run around the whole room shooting Prometheans and orbs until you blow up all 3 of them. Once you do this Cortana will tell you that you're successful and send you through a newly opened door. This will take you down a hallway and back outside where you'll find another new Pelican waiting for you. Restock on your guns/ammo if you want and hop into the Pelican.

Fly to the next objective marker on your HUD, land the Pelican and head inside of the building. This time we're going to be fighting Covenant enemies instead of Prometheans. In this battle arena you will find a bunch of smallish platforms that are filled with Covenant enemies. You'll have to run across the various energy bridges that connect these platforms as you make your way to the objective marker on the HUD.

At the first objective marker you'll find two Hunters - defeat them and then ride the pretty blue beam up and into another area. This area is almost identical to the previous one with the main difference being you can fly some Banshees in this room (pictured below).

Shutdown Flying Banshee In tower

Where we need to go is marked on your HUD so you should have no difficulty finding your way through this area. Clear out as many Covenant as you need to and proceed to the objective marker. Following the marker on your HUD will take you through a hallway and into an observatory room of sorts with a computer terminal.

Interact with the computer terminal to complete this mission.



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