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Halo 4 (Mission 9) Midnight Walkthrough

Midnight Flying Longsword

Video Walkthrough: Mission 9 Midnight Walkthrough
Terminal Location: Mission 9 Midnight Terminal Location (With Cutscene)

Midnight begins with one of the more annoying segments in Halo 4. You're going to be flying a Longsword through the holes along the hull of the Didact's ship. As you're flying the ship through these passages they will be in a state of constant change - meaning that they will be reconfiguring themselves over and over to get in your way.

The best piece of advice that I can give you for this mission is to hold down on the controller/keyboard to slow down your movements. During this mission there are only two parts where you need to fly at top speed to "make it in time" - other than these two parts you can go as slowly as you want. So, hold down and fly very slowly so you can easily dodge everything in your way. Once you learn the course better you can start flying faster.

After making it through the course you'll come out into a large open battle arena (pictured below). Inside of this battle arena you'll be tasked with destroying multiple targets - the first of which is in the middle and the remaining targets are surrounding the outside portions. All of these targets will be marked on your HUD so finding them shouldn't be an issue for you.

Halo 4 From The Cradle

Once all targets have been destroyed there will be a cutscene after which Master Chief will fly his Longsword inside of the Didact's Ship. After the cutscene you'll regain control of Master Chief inside the ship. If you are interested in getting the final Terminal in the game then you can do so in this part of the mission. Check out my Midnight Terminal Location Youtube Video for help finding where this Terminal is located.

Continue through the facility until you reach a drop down with blue light shining in the area. Cortana will whisper in your area to trust her if you hesitate - jump down into the hole and continue through. Shortly after this drop off you'll find a computer terminal that you'll drop Cortana inside of briefly. She will open up some portals for you which you'll need to follow to our next destination.

For the next part of this mission you'll have to go through some portals while clearing out many Promethean enemies. Be warned - many of the Prometheans during this part of the mission have power weapons and will do serious damage to you if you're not careful. In particular, keep your wits about you when you get close to each exit portal as there will typically be a Promethean with an Incineration Cannon guarding it.

Also, if you get low on ammo or run out keep an eye out for Promethean weapon lockers. They're all over the place through this part of the mission and it makes getting ammo for the Light Rifle or Suppressor very easy.

Midnight Room of Weapons

You will eventually reach the room shown in my screenshot above which I will call the weapon room. Inside of this room you get to choose from almost every weapon in the game - it will come fully stocked with ammo and you should choose carefully before proceeding. I normally choose the Battle Rifle and Incineration Cannon since I am most comfortable with one long range and one short range weapon.

Exit the weapon room via the portal and you'll have another platform of Prometheans to deal with. Head through the portal once you've cleared out all of them and you'll come to a small battle arena that Cortana asks you to defend until she can find the Composer. A bunch of Crawlers (the dog enemies) will come out to attack you during this part but they should be a piece of cake for you to fend off. Use the Light Rifle and aim for the head to defeat them all in a single shot.

After about 3 minutes Cortana will mark a new portal on your HUD and you'll have to run across the bridge defeating Crawlers as you go to reach it. The next area you come out to will have a slingshot in low gravity which will shoot you over to the next and final area of the game. In this area you'll find weapon lockers with basically every Promethean weapon in the game - grab what you want and then place Cortana into the computer terminal on the other side of the door.

Midnight One of Final 3 Platforms

How the final part of this mission works is pretty straight forward. There will be 3 large platforms surrounding the Didact and you will need to visit each of them to insert Cortana into a computer terminal. You'll find the terminal that you insert Cortana in ontop of the platform - to reach the area in question you'll have to eliminate over a dozen Promethean enemies.

Once you have placed Cortana into the terminal you'll take the low gravity slingshot to another platform where you rinse and repeat the same thing. After you have done this on all 3 platforms you'll return to the first one we started on and jump into the blue light that Cortana highlights on your HUD.

Master Chief will be elevated to the light bridge above and there will be a scene with the Didact, Chief and Cortana. When you regain control of Master Chief there will be a quick time event where you have to crawl back up to the bridge and plant a bomb on the Didact. Once this has been done the mission will be complete and the ending cutscene will begin - after which the credits will roll.

Congrats on beating Halo 4! Enjoy the ending and don't forget that if you watch the ending on Legendary there is a hidden scene at the end!



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