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Halo 4 (Mission 6) Reclaimer Walkthrough

UNSC Mammoth

Video Walkthrough: Mission 6 Reclaimer Walkthrough
Terminal Location: Mission 6 Reclaimer Terminal Location (With Cutscene)

Reclaimer begins with Master Chief inside of a small canyon next to the Mammoth; our destination is Lasky ontop of the Mammoth but in the mean time I recommend you explore the inside to learn what is where. There are numerous weapon lockers on the Mammoth which you should learn the position of. You'll also find rocket turrets attached to the Mammoth which we'll be using throughout this mission.

When you're ready to proceed with the mission head up top and stand next to Lasky until he's done talking. Grab a Jetpack from the Mammoth's external wall and then sit back and ride the Mammoth for a few minutes. As the Mammoth makes its way across the ledge there will be some Covenant for you to shoot at just before the Mammoth's first stop.

The first stop the Mammoth makes is next to a large valley where the Pelicans were shot down (pictured below). In the back of this valley you'll find a Target Designator (marked on your HUD) which is our objective. Clear out any Covenant in your way and grab the Target Designator.

Retrieve The Target Designator From Downed Pelican

Your first target for the Target Designator will be the Phantom flying around nearby where you grabbed it. Blow up the Phantom using it and then return to the Mammoth. Our next target is going to be the giant floating eyeball thing that took out the Pelicans. Target it, blow it out of the sky and then the Mammoth will start moving again.

Restock weapons and ammo inside of the Mammoth then ride it to the next stop location which is a canyon. This canyon has 3 different generators that you'll be tasked with destroying - each are hiding within a blue bubble shield which you can easily see in the area. Obviously, protecting these generators will be a lot of Covenant so you'll have to deal with them as well.

One piece of advice I have for this part is to use one of the Warthogs on the Mammoth to assist. Using a Warthog for this part will make things a lot easier since you have to deal with multiple Ghosts and a Wraith. Once all 3 generators have been destroyed the Mammoth will begin moving again towards the next battle arena.

This next battle arena kicks things up a notch, Phantoms will fly by and drop off many different vehicles - most of which are Ghosts. After defeating a couple waves of enemies a large Covenant ship called the Lich will show up and Cortana will tell you to board it via the green beam of light (pictured below).

Lich With Green Light Shining Down
Use the green light to enter the Lich

Inside the Lich there will be a power generator which you will need to destroy to get rid of the ship and complete this part of the mission. Once you've destroyed this power generator you'll need to jump out of the ship and (ideally) use your Jetpack to baby Master Chief down to the ground below. In my opinion this is one of the coolest moments in Halo 4 - destroying a ship then jumping out and Jet packing back down to the ground below.

Now that the Lich has been destroyed you'll want to board the Mammoth again and ride it to the next destination. This time the Mammoth will stop next to a canyon that Master Chief will have to go through on foot. Leading into this canyon you'll find some UNSC weapon drops which will have Sniper Rifles inside of them for you. I recommend you grab one since this next part is going to require them.

Throughout this canyon you will find a lot of Jackal Snipers - there are other Covenant enemies too but the Jackal Snipers should be your primary concern. Our destination is a large building on the other side of this canyon, the path is pretty linear but there are going to be about 100 enemies between you and the door we need.

Once you're inside the building follow the Sentinel/linear route through until you reach a computer terminal where you insert Cortana. Wait a little bit and Cortana will make an energy bridge appear that goes further into the facility - follow this to continue with the mission. You'll be lead to a room with a hologram of Cortana standing in a white circle on the ground. Walk over to this hologram to trigger a cutscene.

When the cutscene is finished start blasting your way through the Promethean enemies and make sure you grab Cortana from the nearby terminal (marked on your HUD). If you're interested in getting the Terminal on this mission you can find it in this area as well. Check out my Halo 4 Reclaimer Terminal Location Youtube Video for the exact location.

UNSC Fighting Covenant

Keep following the linear path through this building and you will eventually find yourself thrust back outside in the same area pictured above. Hop into a tank as soon as possible and start blasting away all of the Covenant in the area. Your goal for the final part of the mission is to destroy the two nearby shield generators (they're in blue bubbles just like during the previous part of the mission).

Once both of these shield generators have been destroyed the large blue force-field that was previously blocking the nearby canyon will be gone. Head into this canyon and where the ledge ends you'll find another Target Designator. Point it at the large Forerunner structure in the distance and fire. This will trigger a cutscene which concludes this mission.



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