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Halo 4 (Mission 5) Infinity Walkthrough

Infinity Start of Mission

Video Walkthrough: Mission 5 Infinity Walkthrough
Terminal Location: Mission 5 Infinity Terminal Location (With Cutscene)

Mission 5: Infinity begins with you in a jungle, run towards the HUD and you will encounter a group of Prometheans overtop of some UNSC bodies. Scare them away and inspect the IFF tag which is marked on your HUD - also grab the DMR which is near the bodies if you want it (you do).

Nearby there will be a path you can follow that leads you deeper into the jungle - the route is linear but filled with enemies. Eventually you will defeat some Prometheans and Cortana will draw your attention to something that they dropped (a HUD will be added on your screen too). She is pointing you to a new armor ability called Promethean Vision that is basically wall hacks (pictured below).

Promethean Vision Enabled
What the world looks like with Promethean Vision

Using the Promethean Vision is optional but it will help you see through the thick fog during this part of the mission. Again, you'll want to continue along the linear route through the jungle killing all of the Prometheans who bother you as you go. Just like before, you will eventually hit something of significance. This time it will be a large door with another IFF tag outside of it. Once you interact with it you'll hear a transmission and there will be a cutscene.

When you regain control of Master Chief you'll have some Marines to help you clear out the jungle ahead. Just like before there is only one route you can go through the jungle so make your way forward along the linear path. You will eventually reach a group of Marines under attack by Prometheans - save them and continue forward to the large structure.

Clear out all of the enemies in the area and Cortana will ask you to put her inside of a terminal nearby. Do this and you'll begin another encounter where Prometheans spawn en masse in the valley below and attack you. You will have to protect the Marines in the area and stay alive long enough for Cortana to unlock the door.

Infinity Fighting Waves of Prometheans

After Cortana gives you attitude go through the door and through the cave to the next area. You'll finally be at the LZ that we were tasked with clearing. There will be tons of Covenant and Promethean enemies here that you'll have to deal with - take them all out and some more will spawn - kill them too.

Eventually a Pelican will show up and you'll board that to continue with the mission. When you land you'll want to hop in the tank and start blastin'! Seriously, much like the rest of this mission the route forward is very linear - there will be a lot of enemies along the way but you will have very little confusion about where you need to go.

The path will lead you to a large elevator which will take you back inside of the Infinity. Clear out all of the enemies inside of the ship and then follow your HUD once the scene is over to the nearby door. You'll be lead to a room with a computer terminal that you'll activate to make a Mantis pop up - hop inside and... much like before... start blastin'!

Mantis Blowing Up Door

In order to proceed forward with the Mantis you'll need to blow up the door in front of you. Once you do this it will be another very linear path forward through the Infinity with lots of enemies for you to defeat along the way. At the end of this course you'll find a large elevator room with some Grunts inside of it. Dispatch them and ride the elevator up to the top of the ship.

Go through the door in front of you once the elevator stops and you will find yourself ontop of the Infinity but outside again. There will be some fresh Mantis' in this battle arena on the far ends if you need one. What you need to do for this part of the mission is destroy the 3 jammers which are ontop of the Infinity. Once this is complete you'll need to defeat a few waves of Covenant forces that are dropped off via Phantoms.

Tip: You can destroy the Phantoms during this part of the mission if you shoot at them enough! This will kill all of the enemies inside and save you the trouble of fighting them all.

Protecting Infinity With Mantis

After taking out all of the Covenant forces you'll be thrown into a cutscene which will conclude the mission.


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