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Halo 4 (Mission 4) Forerunner Walkthrough

Forerunner Start of Mission

Video Walkthrough: Mission 4 Forerunner Walkthrough
Terminal Location: Mission 4 Forerunner Terminal Location (With Cutscene)

The first part of this mission is pretty straight forward. When it begins go straight and interact with the computer for a cutscene then follow the portals Cortana opens for you. Not too far into the mission you will run into Promethean enemies which are a new type of enemy that was added in Halo 4.

Some information about Prometheans, the big ones are Knights and they can be resurrected by the flying ones called Watchers. Knights can also create a Watcher from their back but this is kind of uncommon. When you defeat a Knight they will leave behind a smoky aura on the ground - Watchers will fly over and try to resurrect the Knight from this location. You can use this to your advantage if you want to lure a Watcher close but that risks a Knight being resurrected.

Last but not least, my favorite Promethean weapons are the Light Rifle and Suppressor. These two weapons seem to be the best available from the Promethean weaponry. After your first encounter with the Prometheans you'll pass through a hallway (inside is a Promethean weapon cache) that will lead you to another battle arena. Each of these areas is pretty linear and they kind of serve as introductions to this new type of enemy.

You will eventually come to a platform that overlooks a battle arena (pictured below). This mission's Terminal is actually found in this battle arena just under the door that we need to exit through. For more information about the location of this Terminal check out my Halo 4 Forerunner Terminal Location Video.

Forerunner Terminal Location
The Terminal on this mission is just below my crosshairs in this picture

The door we need is on the opposite end of the battle arena - jump to the ledge that it's connected to and proceed down the hallway to the next area. The next area you'll find yourself in is an even bigger battle arena with a bunch of small buildings/platforms surrounding a much larger central one.

In this giant battle arena you will have to visit the various small buildings surrounding the larger one. When you get close to one of these small buildings Cortana will mark the shield's power core on your HUD which you will need to destroy. There is one power core in each building and it's basically just a floating red circle that you need to shoot until it explodes.

You will need to eliminate 3 power cores in total before you're instructed to climb the large building in the center of the area. At the top of the large structure in the center of this area you will need to run across the energy bridge and through a hallway to reach an elevator with a little button for you to press. Hit the button and ride the elevator up to our next area - at the top activate the beam control computer to proceed with the mission.

Run through some linear hallways and through another portal until you eventually come to another large battle arena - this one has Covenant fighting Prometheans.

Forerunner Covenant Fighting Prometheans

Our destination is the far end of this battle arena, there will be a narrow path which leads up into the cliff and to a nearby canyon. You'll know that you're going the right direction because you will run into a Promethean Knight killing an elite with his energy sword. Keep following this path until you come to an area with a Promethean Knight knocking Covenant off of Ghosts.

Hop into one of the Ghosts and travel through the linear canyons and hallways until you make it to the next battle arena. When you arrive in this next battle arena if you're quick you can kill the Elite before he jumps into a Banshee and takes off. If you're not quick enough that's ok - you can get another Banshee nearby (pictured below).

My advice is to use your Ghost to eliminate as many ground units as possible until it's badly damaged. Once that happens you can locate the Banshee pictured below and pilot that to take out the remaining Covenant. As for the location of the Banshee, you can find it on a ledge in the back end of this battle arena. For the exact location take a look at this part of my Mission 4 Forerunner Walkthrough Youtube Video.

Forerunner Banshee on Ledge
Grab the Banshee on the ledge in this arena to make the fight significantly easier

After eliminating enough Covenant in this battle arena it's time to take out the power cores just like we did in the previous arena. You can find the power cores in the small buildings just like last time - once they're all destroyed make your way to the top of the large structure and across the energy bridge. Ride the elevator up to the top again and interact with the computer terminal to trigger a brief scene.

When the scene is finished continue through the portal following the linear route forward. Eventually you will find yourself in a dark passage way with a large floating glowing ball on the other end. Activate the buttons in this room to open the door that leads up to another area. There will be a lot of Covenant and Promethean enemies to defeat in this area but it's all very linear.

Eventually you'll reach the top portion of this area and Cortana will tell you to touch the pillars (you'll get a HUD marker for them too). There will be a long cutscene after doing this - when you regain control of Master Chief you'll be in an outside area again and everything around you will be going to shit.

Escape Exploding Planet On Ghost

The rest of this mission is pretty straight forward - what you will need to do is hop into a Ghost nearby and ride it through the course until you reach the end. I think the course itself is pretty linear and easy to figure out - just hold down boost the entire time on your Ghost so you can make the jumps needed and eventually you will reach a portal which will conclude the mission when you go through it.



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