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Halo 4 (Mission 3) Requiem Walkthrough

Requiem Start of Mission

Video Walkthrough: Mission 3 Requiem Walkthrough
Terminal Location: Mission 3 Requiem Terminal Location (With Cutscene)

Requiem begins with you in a debris field from all of the ships that were pulled into the planet's atmosphere. There are a few easter eggs for you to find in this area (no Achievements) as well as some weapons and ammo if you're interested. When you are ready to proceed with the mission you will want to head through the nearby canyon and some caves.

Going through the caves will bring you out to a beautiful view overlooking a large Forerunner facility. Continue along the cliff ledge and you will find some Warthogs which are still in one piece (inside the ship you can find ammo/weapons too). Jump into one of the Warthogs and ride it down the linear path through the various canyons.

Eventually you will come out to a valley with a bunch of Covenant; I recommend swapping your Warthog for a Ghost (there are a few in the valley) since that will make fighting a lot easier. Our destination is at the other end of this valley, there will be an incline which goes through some more canyons and leads to another Forerunner facility (pictured below).

Requiem Forerunner Structure

This Forerunner facility has a bunch more Covenant which includes a stealth Elite with a Plasma Sword at the top. When you kill this Elite Cortana will tell you to pick up the Active Camo armor upgrade then she will teach you how to use it. Now that you have Active Camo head inside of the facility and you'll meet an old friend - Sentinels.

Inside the large room Cortana will direct you to a terminal in the back which you'll have to interact with. Once you do this you'll get another quest update - this time to reactivate the Cartographer. Two locations will be added to your HUD on the opposite end of the room. Each of these locations will have one button you press to make a bridge appear and a second button that activates the core and starts to lower the platform the core is sitting on.

You can ride the platform down then exit it on a lower level or you can jump off and return to the room you were just in normally. It doesn't really matter either way. Once you activate one of these terminals Covenant will spawn in the big room and you'll have to take them out so that you can reactivate the next terminal.

Once you've activated both terminals return to the Cartographer computer and interact with it a second time. There will be a cutscene here after which you'll regain control of Chief in a new room. Proceed forward out of this room and you'll find yourself on a ledge overlooking a long bridge filled with Covenant. Banshees will be flying overhead too but they typically do not mess with you (unless you get into a Banshee too).

Ride the elevator down and search the surrounding area for some UNSC weapon lockers (pictured below). You will find Battle Rifles here with more than enough ammo for you to go nuts shooting everything.

Requiem Battle Rifle Weapon Locker
Make sure you grab a Battle Rifle from this weapon rack!

As previously stated, this bridge is filled with Covenant enemies. I recommend you clear half the bridge then return to the Battle Rifle rack to restock on ammo (the Battle Rifle is such a good weapon I typically go out of my way to replenish the ammo). Half way across this bridge you will find an unmanned Banshee which you can hop into and fly around this area to take out the remaining Covenant enemies.

Like I said earlier - when you get into this Banshee it will trigger the other Banshees in the sky to start attacking you. If you decide to go the Banshee route eliminate the other Banshees in the sky first then deal with the Covenant on the ground. Once enough Covenant are dead and you can safely go through the door on the far end of the bridge do so.

The door will lead you into a small hallway which connects the bridge battle arena we just went through and another large battle arena on the opposite end. Our next battle arena consists of a medium sized field with a large building surrounding it on 3 sides (pictured below).

Requiem Final Forerunner Structure

In this area I recommend you grab a Ghost as soon as possible because it will make the fighting a lot easier. Another thing that's worth going out of your way for is a Beam Rifle from one of the Jackal Snipers. There is a Plasma Turret you can detach too if you want to use that instead. Our destination is going to be the top of this building but you'll have to deal with a lot of enemies on your way up.

Be prepared for an Energy Sword Elite when you get inside of the building - he's found in the close quarter hallway. At the top of this building you will find two Hunters on a small platform. Just before the slopes that lead up to the Hunters you will find two Covenant weapon lockers which contain Fuel Rod Cannons as well as ammo for those weapons. You should take this weapon and use it on the Hunters to make the fight significantly easier.

After eliminating both Hunters head inside of the building and down the hallway. If you're interested in getting the Terminal on this mission you can find it in this area. Check out my Halo 4 Requiem Terminal Location Video for the exact location (and the cutscene). On the far end of this room you will find an elevator which you can ride up to the top, as you're going up a cutscene will trigger and the level will be completed.



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