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Halo 4 (Mission 2) Dawn Walkthrough

Dawn Start of Mission

Video Walkthrough: Mission 2 Dawn Walkthrough
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Dawn is the first real mission of the game; when it begins you're put back into control of Master Chief who is woken up by Cortana on the Forward Unto Dawn. At the start of the mission you will need to look up and unlock the pod Master Chief is in after which you'll want to run through the linear hallways listening to Cortana.

The first part of this mission is very straight forward, simply follow the various hallways until you eventually reach some locked doors which lead to an elevator shaft. You will get a prompt in front of these doors to open them by spamming the action button on your controller or keyboard. Inside the elevator shaft you'll have a mini game of sorts which feels a bit out of place for a Halo game.

Dawn Elevator Shaft

For this mini game you'll need to climb up the elevator shaft and jump from side to side to avoid the falling debris. The path you need to follow in the elevator shaft is also very linear - pay attention to which direction Master Chief glances over to and you'll know exactly where to go. Alternatively, just hit your movement buttons side to side and Master Chief will jump to where he needs to go.

At the top of the elevator shaft be ready to hit your melee button because an Elite will attack you with a Plasma Sword out. Chief will grab him and throw him down the elevator shaft - after which you'll want to proceed into your first battle arena and fight the various Covenant enemies inside. Search the area for a Pistol as well as extra ammo if needed.

Once you've eliminated the first batch of Covenant you'll need to activate a computer terminal on the platform in this room. More Covenant will arrive to fight you, take care of them all then proceed back to the elevator room and go inside of the elevator to proceed.

The elevator will take you to another section of this ship - much like before follow the linear hallways fighting the Covenant as you go. As you're making your way through the ship Cortana will update you on your plan - our destination is the outside portion of this ship which is where we will be launching a missile at the enemy ships.

When you get outside you will have a marker on your HUD pointing you to the missile controls - clear out any Covenant in your way and make your way over to this location. Once you activate the terminal at this location you'll be notified by Cortana that the missile is jammed and you need to go over to it and manually launch it (pictured below).

Dawn Manually Launch Missile

If you are quick enough you can run over to the location shown in the screenshot above before any Covenant get off the Phantoms to attack you. Once you manually activate the missile and launch it all Covenant outside will despawn so it's recommended to make a mad dash over to that missile and launch it since that'll save you a lot of time.

Once the missile is launched you'll have to run back inside of the ship and make your way through the ship as it's being torn apart. Follow the linear path through the hallways as they collapse and explode until you eventually trigger a cutscene which will be the end of this level.

Sit back and enjoy this cutscene because it's actually one of the best in the entire Halo series if you ask me. It's a fantastic way to start this game.


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