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Halo 4 Tips, Tricks and Strategies To Help With The Campaign

Halo 4 Spartans

Video Walkthrough: N/A; This section will include all of my video walkthroughs for the game
Skull Location: N/A This Halo does not have skulls
Terminal Location: Terminals are back in this Halo game! Check this section for locations!

Halo 4 is the first Halo game made by 343i and is generally regarded by most as the downfall of Halo. For the most part, Halo 4 plays a lot like its predecessors with a few minor changes here and there. One of the biggest (and weirdly controversial) changes to Halo 4 is the ability to sprint - without the need to use an armor ability.

Armor abilities are still part of this game just like they were in Halo Reach - a few new ones were added too, as you may expect. The armor abilities in Halo 4 are Active Camouflage, Autosentry, Hardlight Shield, Holographic Decoy, Jet Pack, Promethean Vision, Regeneration Field and Thruster Pack. Outside of the Campaign you can actually configure which armor ability you'd like to start with as well as which weapons. This Loadout can be chosen for Spartan Ops missions as well as the online PvP multiplayer.

You will encounter a new type of enemy in Halo 4 too called Prometheans. These are robotic enemies which come in the form of Knights, Watchers and Crawlers. Knights are the toughest of the bunch - they typically have very strong shields and a lot of health. Watchers are the weakest, they fly around and will resurrect Crawlers and Knights if you leave them alive.

Crawlers are the dog-like Prometheans and are the easiest for you to kill (all it takes is one headshot). Knights can drop pretty much any Promethean weapon in the game whereas Crawlers can only drop the weaker non-power weapons. If you're interested in seeing how these new Promethean weapons fair against the other available weapons I recommend you check out my Halo 4 Campaign Weapon Tier List.


Halo 4 Tips & Tricks

- You can use a charged up Plasma Pistol shot to disable any vehicle. Starting in Halo 3 a charged Plasma Pistol shot has an EMP effect which will immobilize any vehicle it hits for about 3 seconds. You can use this against a Banshee to knock it right out of the sky!

- One of the most effective combos in Halo is the Plasma Pistol + a precision weapon. You can hit an enemy with an overcharged Plasma Pistol shot to rip off their shields then finish them off with a headshot. This combination is extremely effective when playing on Legendary.

- Plasma weapons deal more damage to shields than UNSC weapons. On the flip side, UNSC weapons deal more damage to flesh than Plasma weapons. This is a big thing to remember because when fighting Brutes you'll quickly notice that it takes an entire magazine of a Silenced SMG to remove their shields whereas with a Plasma Rifle it takes significantly less.

- Watchers can resurrect Knights if the Knight has been recently killed and there is still a 'smoky aura' on the ground. Pay attention to the Watchers and they will fly over to this smoky aura and start resurrecting the Knight. You can use this logic to bait the Watchers close to you since they'll fly over to rez the Knight and be stuck in place until the rez is complete.

- If you're fighting Covenant enemies try to take out Elites first. Sometimes taking out an Elite will send the Grunts under their command into turmoil; the Grunts will run around with their arms up or cower in place for a couple of seconds before regaining control and shooting at you.

- Learn which weapons are available on which levels. Some levels in this game have tons of Promethean weapons available for you and other levels have more Covenant weapons available. UNSC weapons are typically available on every level but ammo for them is going to be very hard to find.


That pretty much covers all of the Tips and Tricks I can think of for Halo 4! One last thing that I think you should see before continuing with the walkthrough is my list of video guides for all the missions in Halo 4. As you can imagine these video guides will show you how to complete each mission just like my walkthroughs


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