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Halo 3 (Mission 5) The Storm Walkthrough

The Storm Start of Mission

Video Walkthrough: Halo 3 (Mission 5) The Storm Walkthrough
Skull Location: Catch Skull Location
Terminal Location: N/A

The Storm is one of the most heavily scripted missions in the game and it's also very linear. For basically this whole mission we are going to be going from battle arena to battle arena clearing out all of the enemies before proceeding. You begin this mission by riding up in a vehicle to a building, press the green switches you see to open the door and go inside.

Covenant are in the room adjacent to this one, you'll need to press two green switches in the next room to open the door between you and your Marines and the door between the cargo bay/supply room. You should notice the pattern here of pressing green buttons to open the doors - we're going to be doing it a lot throughout this mission.

When fighting the Covenant in the cargo bay I recommend trying to kill the Brutes first with grenades so they don't board the Ghosts and get them destroyed. In order to leave this building and enter your first outside battle arena you'll need to press the green switch then hop into one of the vehicles.

The Storm First AA Wraith Area

Catch Skull: If you're interested in getting the Catch Skull then you have to get it during this first battle arena before destroying both of the AA Wraiths. Watch my Catch Skull Location Youtube Video for more information about how to get this Skull.

Your goal in the the first battle arena is to eliminate the AA Wraiths. The first one is going to be easy to take out but the second one is tricky because it's in a tight space. Normally I like to use a Ghost and shoot at the Wraiths from a distance to take them out as that seems to be the safest way.

Once both Wraiths are dead go through the cargo bay door near the second Wraith and continue through the building the same way we did last time. Inside the main room here you will find various UNSC weapons and ammo if you are interested in picking any up.

Tip! When you press the switch in this building to open the connecting doors Drones will come pouring out from above. You can actually avoid the Drones entirely by hitting the switch and running to the Mongooses in the back.

This next part is my least favorite of the entire mission because I am terrible with the Mongoose. You're expected to ride around with a Marine on the back with a Rocket Launcher... Sadly the Marines are extremely unpredictable and are just as likely to blow both you up as it is to destroy the Wraith.

Normally what I like to do for this part is to steal a Ghost as soon as possible and use that to take out the Wraith and to destroy the Scarab which comes next. One thing to keep in mind too is there are Missile Pod Turrets that line the wall of this battle arena - if you're interested in any of them. All of them are manned by Marines by default but you can kick the Marines off.

The Storm Scarab

When the Scarab comes out you will first need to shoot at the purple armor on its legs. Destroy the purple armor on each leg and then keep shooting at one leg until finally the Scarab body is lowered to the ground and it starts beeping. Once the Scarab lowers itself to the ground you're supposed to board it and shoot at the power cell in the Scarab's ass (quite literally).

However, if you know exactly where to aim you can hit it from the ground too with grenades, Missile Pod Turrets or a Rocket Launcher. For this part what I normally do is shoot at the Scarab from the ground with a Ghost. Head over to my The Storm Walkthrough Youtube Video (I start the video at this exact part) to see how I use the Ghost to destroy the power cell.

Once the Scarab has been destroyed you'll want to head through the door on the platform in the top left corner of this battle arena... In other words, the opposite corner from where you entered. The next part of this mission is extremely straight forward. You're going to be fighting a bunch of Covenant (mostly Brutes) in a large supply warehouse and in an outside cargo area.

Clear your way through the cargo area until you reach an AA gun sitting ontop of a hill. Technically all you need to do in order to complete this mission is to destroy the AA gun; to do this you need to shoot at the blue "vent" that appears underneath of it each time it shoots. A screenshot of what I am talking about is below so you know exactly what you're supposed to be shooting at. Eliminating the Covenant in the area is completely optional so keep that in mind.

The Storm AA Gun Where to Shoot



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