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Halo 3 (Mission 6) Floodgate Walkthrough

Floodgate Start of Mission

Video Walkthrough: Halo 3 (Mission 6) Floodgate Walkthrough
Skull Location: Fog Skull Location
Terminal Location: N/A

Floodgate is the next mission in Halo 3 and it picks up immediately where the previous one left off. The Flood has arrived on Earth and you're going to be dealing with them for the rest of this mission (and game). Head back down the same road from the previous mission towards the UNSC building.

If you're interested in getting the Skull on this mission you can get it right now by shooting at some of the Flood that jump overhead. Check out my Floodgate Fog Skull Location Youtube Video for more information about exactly which Flood to shoot and when. Also, if you're interested and playing the MCC you can get another Achievement in this area called Milk Carton; check out my Milk Carton Achievement Youtube Video for more information.

Since we are now dealing with the Flood I will recommend you pick up a Shotgun as soon as possible; the Gravity Hammers that you pass during the start of the mission are good weapons too. Return to the cargo bay that we went through during the previous mission and back inside of the barracks portion of the UNSC building.

To enter the barracks you'll have to go up some stairs and cross over a metal bridge to drop through a hole. the door we went through previously is locked. On the metal bridge you'll find a Flamethrower (pictured below), as you may imagine this weapon is very powerful against the Flood.

Master Chief With Flamethrower
Master Chief with a Flamethrower

Continue through the building until you come to another outside area where you'll trigger a scene of Elites landing and getting their asses whooped. This part is a very linear shoot em' up. I recommend you go slow because there are some locations that have triggered spawns when you run by. Getting surrounded by these spawns while also dealing with the other enemies will get seriously dangerous quick.

Our destination is a hangar on the opposite end of the ledge that we're walking along. You already know the layout from the previous mission - this time we're doing it in reverse though. Go through the hangar and come out the other side to find a bunch of Elites fighting Flood. I strongly recommend you detach a Plasma Turret here and use it against the various Flood in the area!

Killing the Flood in this next area is completely optional and is actually more dangerous to do than just running through them to our destination... However, if you don't know where you're going then you will likely want to clear the way a bit first. Run down the ledge far enough until you can safely jump to an area below you and to the left.

There will be a large ammo dump in this area including a Gravity Hammer which I normally take. Using this hammer you can clear out the enemies ahead on your way into the ship. The entrance to the ship can be found a little bit further up the path, you'll have to run up a slope and go inside of a Flood infested tunnel (pictured below).

Floodgate Entrance to Ship

Once you're inside of the ship everything else is linear. Follow the only available route until you reach a table that is blinking with a soft blue light. When you approach it you'll be able to interact with it - do so to complete the mission.


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