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Halo MCC Guides and Walkthroughs

Halo The Master Chief Collection is a compendium of 6 different Halo games rolled into one. It starts with Halo 1 and goes up to Halo 4 in the timeline, as of right now 343 claims that they can never add additional Halo games to the list due to limitations. Who knows though, maybe as time goes on and console hardware gets better we'll get additional Halo games added to the MCC.

This page has links to all of the Halo guides that I have written for Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Reach and Halo 4. Additionally, I have some guides on the features in MCC and additional game modes that are available in the collection. For more information about any of this stuff follow the links below.

Halo MCC Title Screen




Halo Campaign Walkthroughs

There are many different Halo games in the Master Chief Collection and I've done Walkthroughs for all of them! I've included almost all of the optional content in each game in my walkthroughs as well. Any Skull, Terminal or Datapad location is documented and I also mention most Achievements that are available too. Click on the link below for the Halo you want to learn more about!

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Firefight Guides

Chasm Ten Overhead Walkway

Firefight is one of the many different game modes available in the MCC; in this game mode you will be defending an area against wave after wave of enemies. You can play with one other person or 3 other people depending on what game mode you select. There is also Matchmaking available for Firefight which will earn you EXP for ranking up. My Firefight guides will give you the advice you need to master this game mode and always come out on top!

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Misc Guides

Halo MCC Matchmaking Screen

Any guide I have written for Halo that does not fit into another section can be found here. My Halo Weapon Tier lists, all of the Halo videos I have made and how to earn the most EXP in MCC are all examples of things that you can find in this section.

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