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How To Earn The Most EXP In Halo MCC

Halo MCC Ranks

This guide is going to talk about the best ways to earn EXP and level up your account in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Since Spartan Points (previously Season Points) are awarded to you for leveling up and completing challenges I will also be talking about them and how to earn them in this guide.

When it comes to earning EXP in MCC you have two methods of doing so, Matchmaking and Challenges. Completing Missions, Playlists, Spartan Ops, Custom Games or any other game mode will not earn you EXP unless an associated challenge is completed during them.

MCC has a large variety of games you can pick from in matchmaking and you are not limited to PvP for earning EXP. In fact, the best and fastest way to earn EXP in MCC is through the PvE Matchmaking modes like Firefight. Players who are highly skilled in PvP can probably earn better EXP through those game modes -- but the large majority of players will not be able to get dozens of kills each game with single digit deaths.

What's really nice about Firefight is that your skill in the game doesn't matter at all - you can get the same amount of EXP as a pro thanks to the arcade game modes. Firefight comes with game modes like Rocketfight, Fiesta, Nadefight, Plasmafight and the list goes on and on. Normally in these game modes your characters are given an Overshield and you'll have unlimited ammo and lives.

I feel that this is very important to mention, PvE gives you the same amount of experience as PvP. When you're given EXP in the Master Chief Collection it's based on the medals you score during the game. You'll earn the same medals for doing the same actions during both PvE and PvP.

During the Firefight arcade game modes no cooperation or teamwork is required. Your sole goal is to rack up as many kills as humanly possible because that improves your score. Earning medals in these game modes and getting a high score will earn you more EXP after the match. When playing on these game modes in 4 man Firefight depending on your map you don't even need a whole team. During arcade game modes 3 people is typically enough to handle all of the enemies on at least half the Firefight maps.

As aforementioned, the second way for you to earn EXP in MCC is through weekly and monthly Challenges. Each week you will be given a fresh new set of PvE and PvP challenges to complete, all weekly challenges reset on Wednesday of each week.

Halo PvE Challenges

Depending on what the challenge is the amount of EXP it will earn you changes. The easier challenges typically give 100,000 EXP whereas the harder ones can give anywhere from 175,000 - 250,000 EXP. If you complete 10 weekly challenges in a single category you'll be rewarded with an additional sum of EXP.

This works for both PvE and PvP meaning if you complete 10 PvE challenges you'll earn a bonus sum of EXP and if you complete 10 PvP challenges you'll get an additional bonus sum of EXP. As you can also see from the screenshot above, challenges will earn you Spartan Points as well as EXP. Completing these challenges is the best way for you to earn Spartan Points in MCC.

As aforementioned you also earn Spartan Points through leveling up - which is the fastest way to earn them early on... However once you make it to Tour 4 and 5 the rate at which you level up will slow down dramatically. That's about all the advice I can think to give you as far as leveling up in MCC goes. I have some extra tips and tricks for you too which I go into below - sometimes things come to mind days/weeks after writing a guide like this and I can't incorporate them into the guide since it's already finished... For information like that, you'll find it at the bottom.



Other Tips & Tricks

- Rocketfight mode for Firefight is probably the best EXP per minute and the most fun (at least at first). While playing Rocketfight you'll get unlimited ammo and an Overshield which makes it a lot of fun - however it can get boring pretty quick because the enemies aren't very challenging and your only purpose is to rack up as many points as possible. It's effective EXP grinding but definitely boring.

- Grifball is a really fast method of earning EXP. Each match is about 12 minutes long and you get 8,000 EXP by default for completing the game. More medals are awarded to you based on your performance.

- I know this tip is going to anger people but that's ok. If you're someone who likes to AFK in games like these to earn EXP I strongly recommend you do FFA Arena (Rumble Pit) or Infection. Moreso Rumble Pit because in FFA it doesn't hurt anyone at all if you AFK... Honestly, I can make a strong argument that your AFK helps because Rumble Pit is not a commonly played mode. When I was playing Halo Rumble Pit queues didn't pop unless it was prime time which means there isn't even enough people queuing for it to play. This means your AFK helps people play which IMO makes it more beneficial than harmful. Infection your AFK can kinda sorta harm people if you're a Zombie at the start of the match so I don't recommend that one as much, however, it still is FFA at the end of the day so. In my opinion when it comes to FFA modes



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