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Halo MCC Weapon Tier Lists

Halo CE Charged Plasma Pistol

This page is the index for all of the Halo Weapon Tier Lists I have made for the Master Chief Collection. I've compiled Weapon Tier Lists for every single Halo Campaign in the MCC and lists for Firefight in both Reach and Halo 3 ODST. Firefight mode is slightly different than the Campaign because of the weapons that are available to you - otherwise it's the same.

I've made these lists to help new players get a better understanding of what weapons they'll want to pick up and which they'll want to leave. Keep in mind that everyone has a different playstyle for a game like Halo and will prefer a different genre of weapon. I personally am someone who likes precision weapons - meaning weapons that require precise aiming.

Some of the weapons that fall into this genre are the Battle Rifle, DMR, Sniper Rifle and the Covenant Carbine. Another thing that sets these weapons apart from the others is when the enemy has no shields all it will take is one head shot to kill them. Many of the pistols can achieve this too - although they're a lot worse at taking out an enemy's shield in the first place.

From all of my research on this topic it seems like the overwhelming majority of players agree that precision weapons are the best weapons in the Halo franchise. Normally when I am playing Halo I will have one weapon a precision weapon and one an Assault Rifle/spray and pray. Alternatively, I will use one precision weapon and one power weapon like a Rocket Launcher.

When playing I try my hardest not to double up on the same type of weapon. Meaning I won't carry around a DMR and a Sniper Rifle because both of these weapons do more or less the same thing. I recommend you carry two different weapons that are built for different situations. This will give you the most versatility when fighting enemies and prevent you from getting into a situation that you can't win due to your weapon load out.

Anyway, with all of that said let's dive into the Weapon Tier Lists! Click on the list below that corresponds to the game you'd like to learn more about.


Halo MCC Weapon Tier Lists
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