Cromwell Blacksmith - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Cromwell Special Forge in Athkatla

Cromwell is a unique blacksmith that you'll find in the Docks District of Athkatla. You can find Cromwell in the southeastern portion of the Docks, he has a map marker dedicated to him so he'll be kind of hard to miss. This NPC can forge a variety of rare and powerful equipment for you so long as you have the appropriate items on you. Just approach him and ask if you have anything on you that can forge an item.

Some of the best items in the game are made by Cromwell such as the Shortbow of Gesen and Crom Faeyr. The Mace of Disruption +2 isn't too shabby either, it's a good weapon for Anomen when you're fighting undead - if you have him in your party.


Crafting List

Here is the list of all items that Cromwell can craft along with what reagents you'll need to make them. If you're curious where to get any of these reagents check my other list further down this page. That list goes into great detail for each and every item about where you can find it.

Ankheg Plate Mail: This requires an Ankheg Shell.

Crom Faeyr: In order to make this item you'll need Hammer of Thunderbolts, Girdle of Frost Giant Strength, Hands of Takkok and the Crom Faeyr Scroll.

The Equalizer: In order to make this item you'll need Blade of the Equalizer, Hilt of the Equalizer, Pommel Jewel of the Equalizer.

Shortbow of Gesen: To make this item you will need a Gesen Bow Shaft and a Gesen Bow String.

Mace of Disruption +2: For the Mace of Disruption +2 all you'll need is Illithium Ore and Mace of Disruption.

Red Dragon Scale: All you need to make this suit of armor is a Red Dragon Scale.

Shadow Dragon Scale: All you need to make this suit of armor is a Shadow Dragon Scale.

Silver Sword: To make this weapon you'll need a Silver Blade and a Silver Hilt.

The Wave: In order to make this weapon you'll need to collect a Wave Blade and a Wave Shaft.



Where to find the items:

This section is a list of every single reagent that is used in one of the above recipes and information about where to find it. I've broken these 2 sections up to hopefully make it easier for you to find the information you're looking for. At least for me personally it's useful having information about each reagent individually.

(Ankheg Plate Mail) Ankheg Shell: There are a couple of places you can obtain an Ankheg Shell but the most common is Windspear Hills. In the middle portion of this zone you'll encounter Ankhegs which will always drop a shell when defeated. If you killed them already and the Ankheg Shell despawned then try spamming rest, you'll eventually be interrupted by Ankhegs.

(Crom Faeyr) Hammer of Thunderbolts: You can find the Hammer of Thunderbolts in the hidden Mind Flayer Area in the Temple District Sewers. In order to access this hidden area you'll first need to collect the Sewers Key from Tazok in the Windspear Hills Dungeon.

(Crom Faeyr) Girdle of Frost Giant Strength: The Girdle of Frost Giant Strength is obtained by completing the Demon Knight summoning ritual in the Underdark: Western Tunnels. You will need to make a sacrifice on the altar then defeat the enemies that spawn to obtain this girdle.

(Crom Faeyr) Hands of Takkok: This item drops from Entu inside of the Planar Sphere. It's possible to permanently miss this item if you complete The Hunt for Valygar Corthala improperly -- meaning if you kill Valygar then give his body to Tolgerias.

(Crom Faeyr) Crom Faeyr Scroll: Crom Faeyr Scroll is dropped by Thaxll'ssillyia in the Temple Ruins dungeon. Thaxll'ssillyia is a Shadow Dragon and will be a tough fight, for more information about how to beat him check out my Challenge Thaxll'ssillyia page.

(The Equalizer) Blade of the Equalizer: You can obtain the Blade of the Equalizer from an Elder Orb in the Underdark Southern Tunnels. The first group of Beholders that you kill when you zone into this area will drop the item.

(The Equalizer) Hilt of the Equalizer: The Hilt of the Equalizer is found inside the jail of the Underdark Eastern Tunnels. You'll find an entire Mind Flayer City in the Eastern Tunnels and you'll have to complete the Captured by Mind Flayers quest to escape.

(The Equalizer) Pommel Jewel of the Equalizer: Pommel Jewel of the Equalizer is found in Irenicus' Dungeon during Chapter 1. You'll find this item in the room that used to belong to Irenicus' wife; it's the same room you find the Portal Gem in.

(Shortbow of Gesen) Gesen Bow String: The Gesen Bow String is found on Level 3 of the Spellhold Dungeon. It is possible to permanently miss this item if you do not get it while you're doing this dungeon.

(Shortbow of Gesen) Gesen Bow Shaft: You'll find the Gesen Bow Shaft in the Athkatla Bridge District, specifically in the Tanner Shop Basement. In order to access this basement you'll need to complete the Solve the "Skinner" Murders in Bridge District Side Quest.

(Mace of Disruption) Mace of Disruption: The Mace of Disruption is available during Chapter 3 only if you side with the Shadow Thief Guild. When you side with the Shadow Thieves you'll be tasked with clearing out the Lower Tombs (Bodhi's Lair), during this quest you will get access to the northern half of this area. The Mace of Disruption can be found in the Pool of Blood in this area.

(Mace of Disruption) Illithium Ore: Illithium Ore is obtained during the Gain the Services of Sir Sarles Side Quest. During this quest you will have to obtain both the fake and the real Illithium Ore; you'll have to use the real ore for the Mace of Disruption and the fake ore to complete the quest.

(Red Dragon Scale) Red Dragon Scales: Red Dragon Scales can be obtained by defeating Firkraag in the Windspear Hills Dungeon. For more information on how to beat Firkraag you should check out my Firkraag Himself quest walkthrough.

(Shadow Dragon Scale) Shadow Dragon Scales: Shadow Dragon Scales can be obtained from Thaxll'ssillyia in the Temple Ruins Dungeon. For more information on how to beat Thaxll'ssillyia I recommend you check out my Challenge Thaxll'ssillyia guide.

(Silver Sword) Silver Blade: The only way to obtain the Silver Blade is by helping Saemon Havarian obtain a new ship at the end of Chapter 4. Various Githyanki will try to take the blade from you as well so you'll have to fight all of them if you wish to keep it.

(Silver Sword) Silver Hilt: If you have the Silver Blade on you when you return to Athkatla during Chapter 6 you'll be approached by some Githyanki who will demand it. Refusing to give them the blade will result in them attacking you, the Silver Hilt will be one of the items they drop when defeated.

(The Wave) Wave Blade: You can obtain the Wave Blade from Prince Villynaty in the Underwater City map at the end of Chapter 4. It's possible to pick pocket this item from Prince Villynaty if you don't want to kill him.

(The Wave) Wave Shaft: The Wave Shaft is found inside of the Planar Prison Dungeon which you can only access during the Rescue Raelis and Haer'Dalis from the Planar Prison side quest.