Baldur's Gate 2 Guides & Walkthroughs

This is the index page for all of my Side Quest Guides in Baldur's Gate 2. If you'd like to see walkthroughs for the Main Quest then head over to my BG2 Walkthroughs section instead. Every quest that I have made a guide for is linked to on this page - even some unmarked quests that I feel should be quests can be found here. All of the quests on this page are sorted in alphabetical order and by map to help you find what you're looking for easier.



Athkatla Bridge District

Free Haer'Dalis from Imprisonment By Mekrath

Rescue Raelis and Haer'Dalis from the Planar Prison

Solve the "Skinner" Murders in Bridge District

Athkatla Docks District

Bring the Poisoned Man to His Friends

Cromwell Blacksmith

Find Out What Happen With Montaron

Find Proof of Mae'Var's Treachery

Restore Kangaxx's Body

Save Jaheira from Baron Ployer

Athkatla Government District

The Hunt for Valygar Corthala

Athkatla Graveyard District

Find the Kidnappers Who Buried Tirdir

Hexxat's Request

Locate A Caretaker for the Orphan Risa

Put the Spirit of the Child Wellyn to Rest

Athkatla Slums District

Free Hendak and the Slaves

Inside the Planar Sphere

Solve the Riddle in the Sewers

Athkatla Temple District

Another Mission for the Temple

Fallen Paladins

Gain the Services of Sir Sarles

Investigate and Destroy the Cult

Athkatla Waukeen's Promenade

Investigate The Circus Tent


Island Concerns Ginia's Tale

Companion Quests














De'Arnise Keep

The De'Arnise Keep Has Been Invaded

Hidden Refuge

A New Beer for Mironda

Barad Ding's Eight Cats

Mereth's Hairband

Talisman of the Hearthfire

Where's Wilson?

Limited Wish Adventure

Stronghold Quests

Bard Stronghold Quest

Thief Stronghold Quest

Temple Ruins

Challenge Thaxllssillyia


Animal Trouble in Trademeet

Dealing With the Trademeet Genies

Helping Tiris

The Dueling Families

Umar Hills

Find Mimic's Blood for Jermien

Finish The Leather Armor

Idle Hands in Imnesvale

Investigate the Deaths


A Mage's Proposal

Captured by Mind Flayers

Svirfneblin Son Missing

Victims of Imprisonment

Underwater City

Riddle of the Imps

Ust Natha

Find the Worshippers of Ghaunadaur

Inside The Drow City

Intrigue With Jarlaxle

Recover The Silver Dragon's Eggs

Retrieve Qilue's Brain

The Drow Summoning Ritual

Windspear Hills

Firkraag Himself

Helping Irenicus' Captive Dryads

Journey to the Windspear Hills