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Location of Blue Matrix Shard Datacron

This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History 40: Czerka Discovers Kashyyyk

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

Czerka Corporation had grown rich on weapons development, experimental research and planetary exploration. Some years before the Great Droid Revolution, Czerka discovered a backwater planet with extraordinary flora and fauna, whose trees grew kilometers high. The planet was known to its natives as Kashyyyk.

Czerka was already planning to exploit Kashyyyk's resources when corporate scouts encountered the native Wookiee population. Although physically strong and agile, the Wookiees were forced to fall back before Czerka's superior technology. 

It didn't take Czerka long to realize that the true wealth of Kashyyyk was the Wookiees themselves. Bringing in its forces and considerable investment power, Czerka established a position on Kashyyyk and set about exporting Wookiee slaves to the highest bidder. They also decided to change the planet's name to something more appealing to investors: Edean.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

To get to this Datacron you will need to first go all the way southwest in The Dune Sea to the Sandcrawler almost off of the map (Screenshots 1 & 2). The Coordinates to this Sandcrawler are -2336 , 465. Once here you will have to wait for the Jawa Balloon to make it's rotation over to you (Screenshot 3). The balloon takes about 40 minutes to do a full rotation so you could be waiting here for quite awhile. The good news though is after this extremely long wait you will be able to collect two Datacrons from ontop of the Sandcrawler!

Waiting Time...

Still Waiting...

If you're bored something you can do in the mean time is browse my website! Every letter in this sentence will take you to a different page. Visit them all and you're cool!

Well that took forever to make and the balloon still isn't here!

Once the balloon arrives you won't have long to hop on, so make sure you're paying attention and be quick about hoping on! Once you see the balloon in the distance you have about five more minutes to browse my website (wishful thinking, right?) or to keep going AFK. By then it will be really close and time for you to hop on board. Once on board you will be riding the balloon out until it is far northwest. Here you can see a picture of me going along for the balloon ride (Screenshot 4) Now I'm almost there... (Screenshot 5). Just a lil bit more.... (Screenshot 6). Once you reach the Sandcrawler you will need to jump off the eastern edge. You'll know when to make the jump, just wait patiently until all you see is the Sandcrawler below. At that point you just literally just run off if you'd like (But don't! Obviously just incase).

I made the jump! Here is our first reward! (Screenshot 7 & 8). After you collect your first Datacron make your way around the Sandcrawler until you come out to where I am in (Screenshot 9). Be very very very careful, you wouldn't want to mess anything up now! From where I am standing in Screenshot 9 make your way around to where I am in (Screenshot 10). Slowly from this area put your back down to the ledge below and jump up repeatedly. Each time you jump hit whatever keybinding you have set to make your character go backwards. It will take awhile but it's important you don't miss this!

Finally you'll fall down right where the Datacron is and bam! You're done! (Screenshot 11). You've now successfully collected two of the most annoying Datacrons in the game!

Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
The Sandcrawler you need to wait on for the Balloon. You can actually see the Balloon in the distance.

Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
Location on the map of the Sandcrawler you need to wait on.

Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
Here comes the Balloon.

Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
Riding the Balloon to the next Sandcrawler.

Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
Almost at the next Sandcrawler. Been riding this thing for almost 20 minutes!

(The Balloon despawned between this screenshot and the next one, leaving me high and dry. I was mad so I logged off for the night. That should explain the time difference in the screenshots if you were curious).

Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
I can see both of them!

Blue Matrix Shard Datacron Location
I made the jump down to the Sandcrawler! You have to jump off the eastern edge of the balloon.

Blue Matrix Shard and Strength Datacron Location on the map
Location of both these Datacrons on the map.

Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
After you get the first Datacron come to where I am.

Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard Screenshot Guide
Shimmy around the edge until you see what is right below me. Slowly back up and jump off the edge. I took small little jumps the entire time.

Tatooine Blue Matrix Shard
We're here!