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The Siege of Snowbrook Haven - Act 2 Story Quest

The Siege of Snowbrook Haven Quest Start

The Siege of Snowbrook Haven begins immediately after you complete the Princess Evangeline Story Quest. For the first part of this quest you'll need to travel through the opening Princess Evangeline made in the wall and continue along the linear path until you make it to Snowbrook Haven, a town currently being besieged by Morden enemies.

For the most part everything is pretty linear and there are no task updates until you reach the The Snowbrook Haven Throne Room (pictured below). Prior to clicking on the throne and grabbing the Display Case Key, make sure you're prepared for a really tough fight as the enemies which activate hit like trucks.

Snowbrook Haven Throne Room

In the room on the other side of the Throne Room you'll encounter an elite Morden-Viir Soldier Captain. The reason I am pointing it out to you is because in an adjacent room there will also be a Teleporter to the Snowbrook Haven Living Quarters making this one of the easiest farming locations to quickly access in the game. Elite enemies always drop a blue or something better and since this one is right next to a Teleporter it's like this game's Pindleskin!

When you are ready to complete this quest head up the elevator to the Snowbrook Haven Courtyard and speak with the Commander on the second floor. This quest will end and you'll start the next one, The Siege of Snowbrook Haven (Part 2).