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Princess Evangeline - Act 2 Story Quest

Princess Evangeline Quest Start

Princess Evangeline is the 6th Story Quest of Act 2 and begins immediately following your completion of The Vai'kesh and the Aegis of Death. After going through the portal at the end of the previous quest you'll find yourself in a snowy area by the name of The Garden of the Ancients.

What you need to do in this area is venture around and explore the tombs. You'll find a total of 4 Champion Death Masks from exploring all of the tombs, though you only need 3 to proceed with this quest. If you do manage to collect all 4 Champion Death Masks you'll be able to start the Rahvan's Curse Side Quest. Use my map screenshot below if you need any help locating the death masks; each location is marked with a red circle.

After you've collected at least 3 of the masks head over to Champion Rahvan in the southwestern portion of the Garden of the Ancients right next to the Garden of the Ancients (South) Teleporter.

Champion Death Mask Map Locations

Champion Rahvan for Evangelines Folly

Champion Rahvan will update your quest and give you entry to the Azunite Catacombs. At the entrance to these catacombs make a note of the order you see the symbols on the ground; it's the same ones shown in my screenshot below. You will need to align a puzzle later on in the dungeon in the same order as the symbols on the ground.

Dead tree, closed eye, open eye and living tree is the correct order. If you prefer video for stuff like this check out my Azunite Burial Chamber Puzzle Youtube Video instead.

Azunite Catacombs Symbol Order

The Azunite Catacombs is a pretty linear dungeon, you'll find the lever puzzle I talked about in the southwestern most portion on a little island. It's right past the Teleporter and hard to miss. After the lever puzzle there will be another level of the dungeon which will have more enemies, annoying traps and another boss fight!

You will be up against the Dark Wizard of Valdis this time, keep the strategy we use for this boss in mind because we'll be facing more bosses like him later on.

Dark Wizard of Valdis Boss Fight

When fighting the Dark Wizard of Valdis put your party into 'Mirror Mode' so that you'll all attack the same target. You should do this for every boss fight otherwise your party will waste time not attacking or keep attacking the boss when he's invulnerable.

The Dark Wizard will port around the room, summon minions to assist him and conjure up 3 crystals that will protect him while they're active. For this fight really all you need to remember is to take out the crystals when they are active then focus entirely on the Dark Wizard. Drink Potions when you take a lot of damage too, if you're low on Potions before the fight go stock up and return - Potions are very important for all boss fights.

This boss will primarily use Lightning Damage, if you're taking a lot of incoming damage from his attacks dropping a few Skill Points into Survival (Ranged) will help out a bit. With enough Lightning Resistance on all your characters you can stand in the lightning spots the boss creates on the ground giving you more time to DPS him.

Once you've defeated the Dark Wizard of Valdis Princess Evangeline will be free from her prison and you'll need to talk with her to complete the quest. You'll automatically begin the next quest, The Siege of Snowbrook Haven (Part 1).