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The Siege of Snowbrook Haven (Part 2) - Act 2 Story Quest

The Siege of Snowbrook Haven Part 2 Quest Start

The Siege of Snowbrook Haven (Part 2) begins immediately following the completion of The Siege of Snowbrook Haven (Part 1). For the first part of this quest you will need to head up to the second level and defeat the Brall which are throwing crap down at you. You'll have to go the long way up here the first time but once you're up top and have defeated the Brall you can activate an elevator for faster travel.

Once the Brall are all defeated you will need to return to the Commander who is now in the middle of the courtyard and speak with her to update your quest. Some Morden will come crashing through the door and attack both of your groups. Defeat them and then you'll get a task update to defeat the dragon currently attacking the keep, he's also the final boss of Act 2.

Dungeon Siege 2 Talon Cutscene

Talon Boss Fight

Talon is one of the more difficult boss fights in the game due to the fact that the party AI is terrible. Don't bother trying to run your party out of every fire ball that is thrown at you during this boss fight. You will want to dodge the ones you can but if your party stands in them and won't move or you need them to stand in the fire while you redirect the ballista - so be it..

I recommend you keep your party on Mirror Mode except for when the Durvla are thrown at you. Put them on 'Rampage' until the Durvla are defeated then switch back to Mirror Mode so you can attempt to dodge the fire that's thrown at you.

What you're going to want to do in order to beat Talon is to reposition the ballista throughout the fire and aim it at the location Talon lands. Fire it at him for heavy damage and then dodge his fire the rest of the time while defeating any Durvla on the battle field.

There's two big pieces of advice I can give you for this fight.

#1) Reset the ballista to the 'center' after Talon takes off. You don't know where he will land each time and if you have it set to the center it'll take the same amount of time to spin it in either direction.

#2) Have a Nature Mage in your group and use Invulnerability when you need to. Characters will stand in the fire far too often on this fight and the Invulnerability will help out a lot.

Tip: Use Spirit Embrace (Nature Spell) for the Fire Resistance. Talon only deals Fire damage so you can prevent most of his damage by stacking Fire Resistance.

Note: Do not save and quit during this encounter or you will bug your game out and be forced to use a back up save.

If you'd like to see a vide of me defeating Talon check out my Dungeon Siege 2 - Talon Boss Fight Youtube Video. With Talon defeated return to the ramparts and speak with the Commander. She'll give you the Snowbrook Haven Reliquary Key and then she'll become infected by the Soul Shard. Her and her group will attack you and need to be defeated, they're no different than the other enemies in the area.

Once inside the reliquary you're going to have another battle with Talon, this time he'll be a bloodied up dragon that busts through the wall.

Second Talon Boss Fight

For this version of the fight most of Talon's damage will be Fire again and he'll spit 3 Fireballs out at a time. Basically, he picks a random target and spits a Fireball at them. This damage stacks so if multiple characters are close together and he throws all 3 Fireballs at the same location - you'll be taking massive damage.

To prevent this I would recommend having a more balanced party between Ranged and Melee. If you have two up front and two in the back then you'll more evenly spread out your incoming damage. Otherwise, drink Potions often and attack the boss until it's defeated once and for all.

Once the dragon is defeated speak with the Azunite Scholar who appears again and update your quest. You'll now have the ability to teleport to the Town of Kalrathia which is our next destination and the first town of Act 3. In the Town of Kalrathia you'll want to speak with the Lord in the Town Hall to complete this quest and begin the first quest of Act 3, Restore Kalrathia's Water.

Town of Kalrathia via Teleporter