Finala and the Broken Bridge - Act 2 Story Quest

Finala and the Broken Bridge Quest Start

This is the second Story Quest of Act 2 and begins after you complete The Town of Aman'lu. Much like the previous quest this one is pretty straight forward, all you need to do is travel north through The Aman'lu Hills until you find Finala standing along the road. Speak with her and convince her to return to town by accepting her mission.

Aman'lu Hills has very few secrets to find throughout the area and the only Side Quest that has any part here is Viperclaw. The Jagged Arrowheads have a static spawn in the southern portion of The Aman'lu Hills, but it's easier to just buy the Jagged Arrowheads from a vendor.

Search the houses in The Aman'lu Hills for some extra treasures, other than that just continue to Finala. After speaking with Finala the next quest of Act 2 will be The Elen'lu Isles.

Finala sitting on a log