The Lost Azunite Artifact - Act 1 Story Quest

The Lost Azunite Artifact Quest Start

Quest Reward: 1 Skill Point

The Lost Azunite Artifact is the 8th Story Quest of Act 1 and begins immediately after you pick up the map and mirror to complete Secret of the Azunite Desert. For the most part this quest is pretty straight forward, you're tasked with finding the Lost Vault of the Azunites and the path there from where we are right now is quite linear.

Along the way you'll find the Lost Valley of the Azunites Teleporter along with the Cavern of the Phoenix (part of the Kalrathian Nexus Side Quest) and the Lost Elven Ruins (part of the Arinth the Mad Side Quest). Last but not least in the final room that contains the mirror puzzle required to advance the story you'll also find the cave which is for the final part of The Legendary Mace of Agarrus Side Quest.

You won't be able to do any of these Side Quests right now but you can discover the secret areas that they take place in. If you do better with video explanations than you do text I recommend you check out my Lost Valley of the Azunites - Solution to the Mirror Puzzle Youtube Video. That video will show you step by step how to solve the mirror puzzle in the final room for this quest.

The Lost Azunite Artifact Mirror Puzzle

Completion of this quest will net you an extra Skill Point as well as some extra loot in the Big Chest that the ancestor leaves you. The next Story Quest is Windstone Fortress and it will automatically begin once you've finished this one.