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Secret of the Azunite Desert - Act 1 Story Quest

Secret of the Azunite Desert Quest Start

Secret of the Azunite Desert is the first Story Quest you'll receive after entering the desert area of Act 1. It begins by speaking with Captain Suzor at the small outpost; she's the same person that you need to speak with to complete the previous Story Quest, Leaving Greilyn Isle.

For this quest you will need to collect four Stela from the Skath throughout the Azunite Desert and bring them to the Azunite Shrine. Each Stela that you need to collect is being held by an elite Skath guardian which you'll need to defeat. They're only slightly higher level than the regular Skath in the area and won't pose much of a threat. If you need to level up more then return to Greilyn Isle and do some of the previous Side Quests.

Available Side Quests:

A Family Heirloom (too high level for now)
Lelani's Sorrow
Feldwyr the Blacksmith (you are probably the right level for this quest now)

Note: The first Skath you run into will be friendly and will talk with you but no matter what you say to him you'll end up fighting. Also, shortly after beating this Skath along the path you'll find an elevator that takes you down to Master Thestrin, the NPC who begins A Family Heirloom.

If you are having trouble finding any of the Stela just explore the map more, every Stela location will be marked with a gold star on your map making them easy to find. Once you've collected all of the Stela that you need from the Skath Guardians you'll want to take them to the Azunite Shrine which is found directly north of the Azunite Desert Teleporter (where you first arrived in the desert).

Silver Mirror and Map of the Lost Azunites

Place all 4 Stela into the holes in the bottom floor of the Azunite Shrine and you'll make a map and mirror appear in the central area. Pick them up to begin the next Story Quest, The Lost Azunite Artifact.