Deus Ex Human Revolution Rifleman Bank Station (Director's Cut)

This page contains a complete list of all the different passwords and/or passcodes you will need to access the buildings throughout Rifleman Bank Station. You can learn these passwords and passcodes by reading emails at staff computers, reading notes that are lying around and also by eavesdropping on conversations that characters have while you're not around.

If the passwords on this page aren't the ones you're looking for I recommend you use my list below and choose the area you're at for more relevant information.



All Deus Ex Human Revolution Passwords
- Sarif HQ
- Sarif Manufacturing
- Detroit
- Detroit Police Station
- FEMA Camp
- Hengsha (Shanghai City)
- Tai Yong Medical
- Picus Communications (Montreal)
- Hengsha Part 2
- Omega Ranch (Singapore)
- Panchaea
- Hei Zhen Zhu (Director's Cut)
- Rifleman Bank Station (Director's Cut)



Loading Bay #2 Laser Grid - 7897

Loading Bay #1 - 7736

Admin Cable Duct Access - 5768

Laser Grid Inside Cable Duct - 1355

Logistics - 1001

Communications Security - 1550

Loading Bay 2 to Admin office - 8078

Special Operations - 7070

2nd Floor Detention Camp Laser Grid - 2009

Netanya Keitner Base Operations - 0212

Pieter Burke Special Operations - 6325

Quinn's Safe (Prisoner's Killed) - 1007

Quinn's Safe (Dr. Tiffany Kavanagh Killed) - 3339

Loading Bay 3 Sec Office - 5359