Player 1 PAR Codes for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (USA)

If you are unfamiliar with Game Genie or Pro Action Replay (PAR) cheats and how to use them - fear not! Both of these things are usually found under the Cheat tab if you're playing on an Emulator which is located on the Toolbar at the top of the Emulator's window. If you're playing with an actual physical console you'll need to purchase a physical Game Genie or Pro Action Replay and use the codes that way.

Those of you out there who are playing on an SNES Emulator that need help figuring out how to use the codes on this page should visit my how to setup Game Genie and PAR codes for SNES guide. That guide will go into a lot of detail about how to setup and use the codes you find on these pages and some trouble shooting tips for those who need them.

The codes on this page are only for Player 1. If you'd like to see the rest of my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition PAR codes then follow the link provided to head back to my Index page. Alternatively if you want to see what Game Genie codes I have for this game head on over to that guide instead.


Unlimited Health: 7E1A2270

Hyper Mode: 7E158000

Glowing: 7E1A70FE

Instantly Win the match: 7E108782

Costume Modifier 1: 7E1A4000

Costume Modifier 2: 7E1A4002

Control Modifier (Player): 7E1A6200

Control Modifier (CPU): 7E1A6201


Player 1 Character Modifier Codes

Use the following codes to change the ingame appearance of Player 1. Only use a single one of these codes at a time to prevent any glitching from occuring.


Thunder Megazord: 7E1A6800

Mega Tigerzord: 7E1A6802

Ninja Megazord: 7E1A6804

Lipsyncher: 7E1A6806

Shogun Megazord: 7E1A6808

Goldar: 7E1A680A

Silver Horns: 7E1A680C

Lord Zedd: 7E1A680E

Ivan Ooze: 7E1A6810


Special Move Codes

Only use one of the following Special Move Codes at a time. They can be used with other codes but they cause issues when used with each other.


Special 1



Special 2



Special 3



Special 4



Special 5



Super Move