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SNES Game Genie & Pro Action Replay Cheats

It may not be obvious to everyone on exactly how to get the Game Genie and Pro Action Replay codes to actually work. So I have decided to make a guide for anyone out there who is unsure of how to use the codes they've found on my website. This guide will cover how to use the codes only on the Snes emulator. If you are playing on an actual Super Nintendo the process will be different as you'll need a physical Game Genie.

First let's start with opening up the Emulator and selecting our game, something you should know how to do by now! Up at the top of the Snes window you'll see a list of all the different options for you... File, Emulation, Input, Sound, Video, CHEAT, Netplay and Help. We're going to want to select Cheat - obviously!

The drop down dialogue has a few different options, select the one that says Game Genie and Pro Action Replay codes. It'll bring up the window shown in the picture below.

SNES Emulator Code Entry

You can add both Game Genie and Pro Action Replay codes through this window! For the purposes of this part of the guide I am playing the SNES game King of Dragons and I am using my Game Genie codes for the game. Once you find the code you would like to add to your list copy and paste it into the 'Enter Cheat Code' section of the window above.

After you do that fill in a brief description about the cheat itself (usually what it does so you know in the future). After you do both of these things click the Add button which is in the upper right hand corner of the Cheat Window. Don't hit 'Ok' as that'll just close the window without saving any of your changes!

Game Genie Codes Saved

If you did everything correctly you should have a cheat added to the list above with a little unchecked box next to it. The next thing you need to do is to check the box to enable the cheat and then click Ok. Now you have to test if the cheat works! In this case I had to run around and be hit by monsters a few times.

The cheat worked of course! Something of interest too is after adding a Game Genie cheat to your list it'll automatically be converted to a Pro Action Replay code. If you click on the cheat again after it's added you'll see that it's in PAR format!

That's all there is to setting up the basic cheats on the SNES emulator - if you're still interested in knowing more or you have additional questions keep reading!


Double Lined Codes & Irregular Code Formats

Sometimes you'll find a code that has multiple lines or a weird format that isn't Game Genie or Pro Action Replay. Let me explain how to use these codes and what they actually are. First, let's start with codes that consist of more than one line and how we can use them.

One of the more popular codes on my website is the Infinite Magic code in A Link to the past.

Unlimited Magic


As you can see from this code it has two lines - but the code entry only has 1 line... So how do we use it? Easy! Add both lines one at a time and enable both of them when you're done!

Multi Lined Cheats

As you can see from my picture above I have two code entries for "Unlimited Magic PAR". I added the first line of the code - (AE8A-D4FA) and saved it. Then I added the second line of the code (AE8D-0D9A) and saved it separately on the list. Check both of the boxes to make sure you have both lines enabled and that's all there is to it!


The last thing I feel the need to educate you on is irregular code formats. So far in this guide we've talked about Game Genie and Pro Action Replay but there's another way codes can be displayed and that's via Raw data. I try not to put the Raw data codes on my website since they are a confusing format to some but some sections do have them such as Alien 3 Pro Action Replay.

Here's an example of three different formats you can find codes appearing online.

PAR Code: 7E0F7404

Game Genie Code: AE8A-D4FA

Raw Data Code: 7E0F28:03

These codes may or may not work for you when you try to input them into the Emulator. If you'd like to convert them into PAR or Game Genie codes you can do so with some Code converters online (like the one at


There's much more to learn about these codes such as how to figure them out in the games in the first place - but that would be a whole different guide if I ever planned to write it. It's also something much more complicated than almost anything else I have written a guide for.



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