Godzilla Pro Action Replay Codes (USA)

If you are unfamiliar with Game Genie or Pro Action Replay (PAR) cheats and how to use them - fear not! Both of these things are usually found under the Cheat tab if you're playing on an Emulator which is located on the Toolbar at the top of the Emulator's window. If you're playing with an actual physical console you'll need to purchase a physical Game Genie or Pro Action Replay and use the codes that way.

Those of you out there who are playing on an SNES Emulator that need help figuring out how to use the codes on this page should visit my how to setup Game Genie and PAR codes for SNES guide. That guide will go into a lot of detail about how to setup and use the codes you find on these pages and some trouble shooting tips for those who need them.

Don't see the code you're looking for on this page? Why not try my Game Genie codes for Godzilla and see if the code you're looking for is there instead!


Player 1 Invincibility: 7E0660FC

Player 1 Unlimited Health: 7E05EBFF

Player 1 Dizzy Meter always 0: 7E05F900

Player 1 Always Full Rage: 7E0601FF


Player 2 Invincibility: 7E0662FC

Player 2 Unlimited Health: 7E05EDFF

Player 2 Dizzy Meter always 0: 7E05FB00

Player 2 Always Full Rage: 7E0603FF


Player 1 Character Modifier Codes

These codes will allow you to change the appearance of Player 1's character. If you're interested in the codes for Player 2 scroll down a bit further.

Godzilla: 7E056600

Anguirus: 7E056601

King Ghidorah: 7E056602

Gigan: 7E056603

Megalon: 7E056604

Mechagodzilla: 7E056605

Biollante: 7E056606

Mothra: 7E056607

Mechagodzilla 2: 7E056608

Mechagodzilla 2 with Lasers: 7E056609

Guoten: 7E05660A



Player 2 Character Modifier Codes

These codes will allow you to change the appearance of Player 2's character.

Godzilla: 7E056800

Anguirus: 7E056801

King Ghidorah: 7E056802

Gigan: 7E056803

Megalon: 7E056804

Mechagodzilla: 7E056805

Biollante: 7E056806

Mothra: 7E056807

Mechagodzilla 2: 7E056808

Mechagodzilla 2 with Lasers: 7E056809

Guoten: 7E05680A