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Tower of Eternity Walkthrough - Castlevania Curse of Darkness

Tower of Eternity Entrance

The Tower of Eternity is one of 2 optional dungeons in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. You can find the Tower of Eternity in the northeastern portion of the Forest of Jigramunt map; it's not too hard to find and the location will be marked on your map once you discover it. This dungeon is a 50 floor tower that will progressively get harder as you climb it.

Once you enter the Tower of Eternity the only way you can leave is by completing the dungeon or by using a Magical Ticket or a Memorial Ticket to teleport out. At the top of the dungeon you will be able to use a Bird ID's Long Glide ability to travel to another tower called the Tower of Evermore. The Tower of Evermore is another optional dungeon that consists of 50 floors and is much harder than this one.

Every 5th floor in the Tower of Eternity there will be no enemies and you'll find a single Potion that you're able to collect to help you heal up. On the 50th floor of the tower you'll also find a Kit Bag item which increases the number of Accessories that you can equip. This is your reward for completing the dungeon.

Below you will find a complete list of every floor in the Tower of Eternity and what you should expect to encounter on that floor.


1FSkeleton Lv1

2FZombie Lv5

3FBone Soldier Lv18

4FOrc Lv14

5F: (No enemies) - Potion ×1, Magical Ticket ×1

6FArmor Knight Lv15

7FGhost Lv11

8FCyclops Lv8

9FFenrir Lv10

10F: (No enemies) - Potion ×1

11FSkeleton Lv9

12FSkeleton Blaze Lv5

13FWizard Lv8

14FMerman Lv15, Fishman Lv16

15F: (No enemies) - Potion ×1

16FPhantom Sword Lv15, Spectral Sword Lv15

17FCockatrice Lv6

18FFlea Man Lv7

19FEfreet Lv11

20F: (No enemies) - Potion ×1

21FSkeleton Lv9

22FLizardman Lv23

23FSpirit Lv19

24FDead Fencer Lv30, Dead Baron Lv31

25F: (No enemies) - Potion ×1

26FLesser Demon Lv23

27FSlogra Lv14

28FGaibon Lv17

29FSkeleton Rider Lv26

30F: (No enemies) - Potion ×1

31FSkeleton Lv9

32FSpirit Lv32

33FBlaze Master Lv14

34FAssassin Zombie Lv24

35F: (No enemies) - Potion ×1

36FVassago Lv25

37FRed Ogre Lv24

38FThief Lv21

39FSniper Orc Lv24

40F: (No enemies) - Potion ×1

41FSkeleton Lv9

42FBasilisk Lv23

43FWolf Skeleton Lv23

44FGreat Armor Lv25

45F: (No enemies) - Potion ×1

46FFlame Demon Lv31

47FThunder Demon Lv27

48FFrost Demon Lv28

49FExecutioner Lv26

50F: (No enemies) - Kit Bag ×1


Once you reach the final floor of the Tower of Eternity you have 2 options - jump off or travel to the Tower of Evermore. If you jump off the tower you will find yourself back in the Forest of Jigramunt map in the same area where you first entered into the tower. Alternatively, you can face the giant moon in the distance and use Long Glide (Bird ID ability) to travel to the next dungeon, Tower of Evermore.

I'd not recommend you try Tower of Evermore until you're at least level 50+ as the dungeon will be a significant jump up in difficulty from this one.


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