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Irvine Exeter Ultimate Weapon - FF8 Guide

Irvine Ultimate Weapon

The Exeter is Irvine's Ultimate Weapon in Final Fantasy 8 and in order to obtain it you'll have to collect four different items, two of which aren't very hard to obtain. Unlike many of the other games in the series, there is no fancy quest or even location to find this weapon. Throughout Final Fantasy 8 there are Junk Shops and at these shops you can trade items to them in order to receive an upgraded weapon.

Moon Stone and Star Fragment will be the hardest of the two to get your hands on since the enemies that drop them are rather uncommon (especially true for Moon Stone). Below is a list of the required items you need and below that you will find information on where and how to obtain all of these items.

Required Items for Exeter:

2 Dino Bone

1 Moon Stone

2 Star Fragment

18 Screws


Dino Bone: Card Mod a T-rexaur Card or fight them inside the Balamb Garden Training Center or forests in the area around Balamb Town.

Moon Stone: Mug an Elynoyle enemy (Esthar Disc 3 Elynoyle Fixed Encounter).. Alternatively you can fight Imp enemies around Esthar and get a Moon Stone as a very rare drop from them

Star Fragment: Dropped by Anacondaur enemies (lower levels) as well as enemies on Island Closest to Hell (higher levels). Iron Giant enemies also drop these, you can find them in the Deep Sea Research Center Fixed Encounters. You can also Card Mod Iron Giant cards for Star Fragments as well.

Screws: Card Mod a Geezard Card or defeat a Geezard enemy/Mug one. Found in the plains on the Galbadia Continent.


Exeter Materials Map Location




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