Sonic Mega Collection Action Replay Codes (US)

This page is dedicated to all of the Action Replay Codes that I have for Sonic Mega Collection (US) on the Nintendo Gamecube. If you're looking for the Sonic Mega Collection (UK) Action Replay Codes then I recommend that you follow the link provided to be taken to that page instead.

If you are using the Dolphin Gamecube Emulator and struggling to figure out how to get these codes to work, look no further! Check out my How to setup Action Replay Codes on Dolphin or my How to setup Gecko Codes on Dolphin guides. Both of these can provide you the guidance that you need to get your codes working.


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Games Unlocked Codes



16:9 Menu Size Code: 04240108 3FE38E39

Additive Circles: 04105288 38A00001

Glowing Buttons: 04105270 38A00001

Play Any Locked Game Without Unlocking: 04114438 48000008



Bypass Checksum

0C8368D8 000D670C
048368D8 000D602E


Pick Up Items From Anywhere

0C8E54FC 6408D046
048E54FC 602ED046


Pick Up Rings From Anywhere

0C7CFFFC 00005429
047CFFFC 00005829


Unlimited Rings

2E2F83D8 00000107
48000000 80406CC0
DE000000 80008180
58010000 00006DB0
DE000000 80008180
1200FE20 000003E7
E0000000 80008000


Jump in Midair

CC7D9930 6726323C
027D9930 0000600C
027D9940 0000FA00
027D9946 00004E71
027D994A 0000F603
027D9950 00006704


(Sonic) Jump in Midair

CC8510B4 672C323C
028510B4 0000600C
028510C4 0000FA00
028510CA 00004E71
028510CE 0000F603
028510D4 00006704


(Tails) Jump in Midair

CC852C90 6726323C
02852C90 0000600C
02852CA0 0000FA00
02852CA6 00004E71
02852CAA 0000F66B
02852CB0 00006704