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How to add a Gecko Code to the Dolphin Emulator

How to add a Gecko Code to the Dolphin Emulator

When adding a Gecko code you'll need to copy and paste your code into a text file instead of adding them the same way as Action Replay codes. To find the appropriate text file go to the game you want to add a Gecko code to and right click it. Select "Properties" the same way you do for ActionReplay codes in the previous guide.

Select the Gecko Codes tab and at the bottom (shown in the screenshot above) you'll see a button that says "Edit Config". Click this and it will bring up a notepad file (usually) with nothing in it. Below are a few examples of the format that you're going to want to use when adding codes.

$Name of Code
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
$Name of Code 2
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx


The $ symbol goes in front of the code's name and the code is input directly below. If you need to, copy and paste the format provided above into your text file and rewrite it to what it should be.

In the example below I copy and pasted some codes from the Wind Waker file that are for Action Replay. These codes were built into my Dolphin emulator and most likely yours as well for this game. They use the same exact format that the Gecko codes use and are a good teaching aid despite being Action Replay codes.

# Add action replay cheats here.
$Maximum Health
003CC531 00000050
$Infinite Health
003CC533 00000050
$Never Lose Health
041F4A90 60000000
$Never Drown
023D2096 00000300
$Infinite Rupees
023CC534 00001388
$Can Carry 5000 Rupees
003CC542 00000002

Now, onto real Gecko codes. One of the only examples online I could find of Gecko codes for Gamecube is Super Mario Sunshine. They have a widescreen code as well as an FPS code, both of which are linked below. You'll notice that they do indeed use the same format as the Action Replay codes above. There is an $ in front of the code's name and then the code is entered below.

Further down this page I have a notepad file which shows you how it's formatted inside of the file itself.


$60FPS (NTSC-U) [gamemasterplc]
044167B8 3F800000
042FCB24 60000000
04414904 3CA3D70A
C20066EC 00000002
C2C28028 EC2105B2
FEC00890 00000000
$16:9 Widescreen
04416758 44480000
044123E8 442F0000
04416620 442F0000
04176AA4 C002B83C
0429B974 C002B83C
04176C40 C002B83C
04176FF4 C002B83C
04177198 C002B83C
04412408 3FE38E39
04416B74 3F841F81
0429610C 380002EA
042960A0 3860FF96
C214EF74 00000002
3B20FFA9 93380004
931F0140 00000000
C214EE24 00000002
3B20FFA9 93380004
931F0108 00000000
C214F09C 00000002
3860FFA9 90780004
931F0160 00000000
C214F308 00000002
3BA00251 93B80004
931F02F8 00000000
C214F70C 00000002
3860FFA9 90780004
931F0400 00000000
C214F830 00000002
3860FFA9 90780004
931F042C 00000000
C214F93C 00000002
3860FFA9 90780004
931F0450 00000000
C214D8EC 00000002
38800251 9081056C
807F02A0 00000000
0414E7D4 3880023C
C22CB330 00000004
2C00019F 40820008
38000203 2C00018D
40820008 380001F1
901F0014 00000000
C2156004 00000004
809F0018 38A0EC78
90A40014 7CA500D0
90A4001C 38800000
60000000 00000000
C214F114 00000002
3BA00258 93B80004
931F01C4 00000000
C2363138 00000009
80ED8D08 800701E8
540C24B6 2C030000
41820030 7C032A14
7C006000 41820024
5580F87E 7C601850
1C630003 1CA50003
7C631670 54A5F0BE
7C630194 7C630214
60000000 00000000

Gecko Codes in Notepad

Assuming that you did everything correctly your codes should appear in the "Gecko Codes" list when you save and close the Notepad file. You'll need to check the box with the code to enable it still but that's it. At this point all that is left is to log into the game and make sure your code is working, if it is not then you may have input it incorrectly or the code you're trying just doesn't work.

If you'd like to add some Action Replay codes for your game, head back to the How to add codes to the Dolphin Emulator page for more information on them specifically.

Gecko Codes in Emulator




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