Need for Speed: Underground 2 Gecko Codes (US)

This page is dedicated to all of the Action Replay Codes that I have for Need for Speed: Underground 2 (US) on the Nintendo Gamecube. If you're looking for the Need for Speed: Underground 2 (UK) Action Replay Codes then I recommend that you follow the link provided to be taken to that page instead.

If you are using the Dolphin Gamecube Emulator and struggling to figure out how to get these codes to work, look no further! Check out my How to setup Action Replay Codes on Dolphin or my How to setup Gecko Codes on Dolphin guides. Both of these can provide you the guidance that you need to get your codes working.



Unlimited Time On Special Events: 043B4CA8 4628C400

Unlimited Time On Special Events: 0412D338 60000000
Try this code if the other doesn't work or vice versa.



Access Almost Every Part At Garage
Once disabled items no longer appear in Garage
Don't play with this code on
Purchased items/installed items will stay on cars once the code is off.

04135904 38800001
0413590C 38600001
041359C4 38600001


Cars From Lot Come Fully Upgraded
When you withdraw a Car from the lot it will come fully upgraded
Cars that are already in your Garage may or may not upgrade.

04134EC4 60000000
04134ED0 60000000
04134ED8 60000000
04134EE0 60000000
04134EE8 60000000
04134EF0 60000000


Some Career Barriers Disabled

0432E524 45455200
0432E528 00000000


Drive Through Walls
On: C-stick Left
Off: C-stick Right

283E6430 0000C500
043323CC BA83126F
E0000000 80008000
283E6430 00003B00
043323CC 3A83126F
E0000000 80008000


Engine Never Blows

48000000 8046E3DC
DE000000 80008180
120000BC 00000000
E2000001 80008000


Idiot AI

0401FC7C 60000000
0401FC80 60000000
0401FC84 60000000
04021DE4 60000000
04021E08 60000000
04021E28 60000000


Idiot AI Toggle Code
On: R + D-pad Left
Off: R + D-pad Right

283E642C 00000021
0401FC7C 60000000
0401FC80 60000000
0401FC84 60000000
04021DE4 60000000
04021E08 60000000
04021E28 60000000
E0000000 80008000
283E642C 00000022
0401FC7C FC006828
0401FC80 C18775A8
0401FC84 FC000018
04021DE4 FC0B6800
04021E08 C18B774C
04021E28 FC006050
E0000000 80008000


Ultra NOS Very Long Duration/Max
Going into Dyno > Transmission Tuning Settings Freezes the game.

48000000 803DBFE8
DE000000 80008180
1200449E 0000FFFF
E2000001 80008000


Stock Mustang GT Slot 1 (Career)

043C2020 438ECB45
043C2038 35165819
043C203C 59FAB813
043C2040 77EC01F2
043C2044 6E190F73
043C2050 DA88F5CD
043C2054 BE127A44
043C205C 0A7C446B
043C2060 DA8C4169
043C2064 2CEF54D3
043C2068 2CD9332C
043C206C D404041D
043C2070 A78C69D5
043C2074 7B916D49
043C2078 CA8C565C
043C207C B07B1021
043C2080 3BE2F35D
043C2084 B8B02690
043C2088 71BCE0AC
043C208C A9C7BDBF
043C2090 4A271B10
043C2094 8F7944A3
043C20A0 936412C6
043C20A4 56268DB0
043C20A8 03A074CC
043C20AC 03A074CC
043C20C0 05170BDC
043C20B4 05170BDC
043C20BC F562D62E
043C20C4 54C07AC4
043C210C D3E04F27
043C2110 CF9B1218
043C2114 CC876AF9
043C2118 08DF210B
043C211C 8074E76E
043C2120 43AF5A6B
043C2124 7C7144DE
043C2128 39EB87F4
043C212C D30E4A67
043C2130 A22D5FA4
043C2134 AAAFF137
043C2138 3C6EF94F
043C22E0 55A6AA91