Need for Speed: Carbon Action Replay Codes (US)

This page is dedicated to all of the Action Replay Codes that I have for Need for Speed: Carbon (US) on the Nintendo Gamecube. If you're looking for the Need for Speed: Carbon (UK) Action Replay Codes then I recommend that you follow the link provided to be taken to that page instead.

If you are using the Dolphin Gamecube Emulator and struggling to figure out how to get these codes to work, look no further! Check out my How to setup Action Replay Codes on Dolphin or my How to setup Gecko Codes on Dolphin guides. Both of these can provide you the guidance that you need to get your codes working.



Cars Don't Cost Money: 040A9074 60000000

Drift Mode Camera: 040865E4 38800004

Faster Acceleration: 044E1434 40200000

Normal Acceleration: 044E1434 3F800000

Drift Mode Enabled: 042B68DC 38600002

Unlimited Nitrous: 042E007C 60000000


Unlimited Nitrous, Crew Charge & Speedbreaker
This code uses the ingame cheats




AI Is Terrible



Drive Through Cars and Objects
On: L + D-pad Left
Off: L + D-pad Right
This doesn't work for Walls.

285D7388 00000041
042EF00C 2C000001
E0000000 80008000
285D7388 00000042
042EF00C 2C000000
E0000000 80008000