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Persona 2: Innocent Sin List of all Side Quests

Spread Rumor at Kuzunoha Detective Agency

Persona 2 doesn't have Side Quests in the traditional sense of the word that you may be used to, let me explain what I mean. There are two types of Side Quests in Persona 2, you have Rumors which become available for short periods of time throughout the entire game and standard side quests which are available for the entire game.

This page sorts these things into two categories, you'll find all of the rumors listed below in the same order that you can start/complete them in game. Also, all rumors listed on this page say "Rumor" next to them.


Abandoned Factory Side Quest
- Abandoned Factory Note Locations

Mu Casino Side Quest

Sweepstakes Side Quest




Hanako Rumor

Bukimi Rumor

Dresser Hag Rumor

Idol's Ghost Rumor

Cursed Taxi Rumor

Cursed Escort Rumor

Kuchisake-Onna Rumor

Jumping Geezer Rumor

Kudan Rumor