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Jun's Ultimate Weapon - Persona 2: Innocent Sin Guides

Boy Behind Alaya Shrine

In order to start the Side Quest that unlocks Jun's Ultimate Weapon you'll first need to obtain Maya's Legendary Gun and Eikichi's Legendary Case. Once you have both of these weapons in your possession you'll need to head over to Alaya Shrine in the Rengedai Prefecture of Sumaru City.

At Alaya Shrine you'll have to talk with a little boy behind the shrine (pictured above) to start this quest. The boy tells you that there is a note on a bulletin board at Honmaru Park - this is going to be our next stop. You can find Honmaru Park to the west of Alaya Shrine in the Rengedai Prefecture.

The bulletin board in question is in the southeastern portion of Honmaru Park, it's shown in the screenshot below. Inspect the bulletin board and you'll get some information about a legendary flower, this information will direct you to the shop named Time Castle in the Lotus Building.

Honmaru Park Bulletin Board

Lotus is the shopping complex in the southeastern portion of Rengedai, one of the shops on the list is called Time Castle which is the location we need to visit next. When you arrive at the Time Castle you will get a scene involving the owner and a mob that's gathered asking about the legendary flower.

Once you've witnessed this scene you will need to travel around Xibalba (aka Sumaru City) and speak with each of the 5 Rumormongers. If you've forgotten the locations of any Rumormonger check out my List of all 5 Rumormongers & Their Locations - that page should have all the information you need.

Each of the Rumormongers will give you a different rumor that corresponds to the legendary flower. Depending on which rumor you choose to spread the method of obtaining the legendary weapon changes. Don't forget that once you collect these rumors you'll have to return to the Kuzunoha Detective Agency and select one that you wish to spread. Below is a list of all 5 rumors and how to obtain the weapon depending on which you spread.


Count is trying to raise the price: This rumor will cause the legendary flower to be sold at the Time Castle for 800,000 Yen.

Dealer is at the abandoned factory: Dealer is at the Abandoned Factory. For this rumor you'll find the person selling the legendary flower inside of Door #4 in the Abandoned Factory. He sells the weapon for 500,000 Yen.

It was stolen by demons: You'll have to run around inside of the Abandoned Factory: Liquid Waste Disposal room until you find a Fenrir demon, beat him and he will drop the Legendary Flower. This method is not recommended because it requires you to solve the entire Abandoned Factory Side Quest. Depending on when you started this quest you may have to wait until later in the game before you can access the room that Fenrir is in.

It has already been sold: !!Do not pick this rumor!! This will result in the Legendary Flower being gone forever.

The Count gave it as a gift: The Count gave the flower to Maki and you can find her in one of two places. If you let Principal Hanya live at the start of the game then you can find Maki inside Tony's Shop in Yumezaki Prefecture. Alternatively, if Maki isn't here then you can find her inside of Seven Sister's High Class 3-B.


Time Castle Legendary Weapon Rumor

Which rumor you choose to spread is entirely up to you. I personally tend to go with "Count is trying to raise the price" because it's quick and easy. The best option though is probably to choose "The Count gave it as a gift" because then you'll get the weapon for free - you just have to hunt down Maki. For the location(s) of Maki check the quick list above.

After you've spread the rumor you want all that's left is to obtain the Legendary Flower from the source and equip it. Much like with all of the other Ultimate Weapons in this game you'll be able to make this weapon more powerful by obtaining and spreading rumors about it.

Legendary Gun Power of WaterLegendary Katana Power of Fire

One of the unique things about the legendary weapons in Persona 2 is that you can make them stronger by learning rumors from demons and spreading them. After you obtain one of the legendary weapons in this game you'll start to see rumors appear in the 'give me information' dialogue about the weapon you obtained.

Each Legendary Weapon has a total of 6 rumors that you can learn and spread; all of these rumors cancel each other out so you can only spread one of them at a time. Out of all the rumors the best one is definitely "Legendary Weapon is Supreme", this will give your weapon a significant buff once you spread it.

Most of the other rumors will add elemental damage to your weapon and make it deal water, fire, earth or wind damage. Last but not least you have the rumor that your Legendary Weapon is inferior. As you can probably guess, the inferior rumor will lower the damage and quality of the weapon significantly.

1. Legendary Weapon is inferior
2. Legendary Weapon has the power of water
3. Legendary Weapon has the power of fire
4. Legendary Weapon has the power of earth
5. Legendary Weapon has the power of wind
6. Legendary Weapon is supreme

You may be thinking that this all sounds great but it comes with one catch that sounds worse than it really is. Demons can spread a rumor about your Legendary Weapon being inferior and make it a piece of crap... As I said though, this sounds a lot worse than it actually is because demons will very rarely spread this. The only way you can trigger a demon to spread this is if you cause them to be Scared 3 times during battle and they flee.

Even if you make a demon flee from battle it's still not a 100% chance that they'll spread this rumor about your weapon. If this does happen to you though all you need to do is spread one of the other 5 rumors about the weapon to cancel out the inferior one.