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Rumormongers - Persona 2: Innocent Sin Guides

Rumormongers are people you can find throughout Sumaru City that will share rumors with you when you talk with them. If you'd like to learn more about Rumors and how they work I recommend you check out my Rumors Guide for Persona 2, that page will share more details about how this whole system works.

These NPCs will be your main source of Rumors for the first half of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. However, after you complete Aoba Park and obtain the rumor about the London Clothier all of the Rumormongers will stop giving rumors for the rest of the game. There's only one instance later in the game that involves Jun's Ultimate Weapon that Rumormongers will be useful for.

Below is a list of each Rumormonger and which part of Sumaru City you can find them in.

Toku: Honmaru Park in Rengedai

Toro: Gatten Sushi (Kameya Alley) in Hirasaka

Chikarin: Peace Diner (Central Avenue) in Yumezaki

Baofu: Double Slash (Aoba Way) in Aoba

Sumaru: Sumaru Gypsy (Seaside Mall) in Konan

At the start of the game it's highly recommended that you go around Sumaru City talking with each Rumormonger every time you finish a dungeon. Most of the time the rumors that they'll give you involve shops throughout Sumaru City. Without collecting the rumors from these Rumormongers the shops won't sell you armor or weapons.

Initially, Rumormongers will have new rumors typically each time you finish a dungeon. This is why it's recommended that you visit them each time you clear a dungeon. Below you can find pictures of each Rumormonger in this game.


Rumormonger Sumaru Genie
Rumormonger Sumaru Genie in Sumaru Gypsy of Konan


Rumormonger Toro
Rumormonger Toro in Gatten Sushi of Hirasaka


Rumormonger Toku
Rumormonger Toku in Honmaru Park of Rengedai


Rumormonger Chikarin
Rumormonger Chikarin in Peace Diner of Yumezaki


Rumormonger Baofu
Rumormonger Baofu in Double Slash of Aoba