God of War: Ghost of Sparta Walkthrough Chapter 4

River of Lament

When you first enter this area there will be a scene with King Midas during which he turns the entire lava river below you to gold. After you regain control of Kratos the first thing you'll need to do is equip your Spartan Arms and throw your spear at the nearby pillars that are glowing red. This will destroy them and collapse a part of the ceiling above you.

On the ground in front of you near the edge you'll see a sparkling location letting you know that more can be done here. Approach it and press Circle to have Kratos throw his Blades of Athena into the ceiling and begin a minigame where you spin the analog stick. When you are successful Kratos will clear some stalagmites on the ceiling and you'll have a safe path across.

Climb up the nearby wall and follow the linear path over to the golden lava - you'll be able to climb down the golden lava stream to reach the new area.

Kratos pulling down ceiling

The first thing you'll want to do when you're back on the ground is to grab The King's Ring which is found nearby where King Midas put his hand into the lava. Sadly though, this is one of those items that you need to beat the game in order to use. Run down towards the screen to find a chest with Red Orbs inside of it then follow the golden trail that Kind Midas left into the next room.

Before you climb up to where the save point is go around the bend and grab the two chests with Red Orbs. Climb up the ledge near the save point and open this chest too, it'll have some extra Red Orbs and Blue Orbs for you. In the next area there will be a rope that you'll have to ride down to an area below you - go about half way down this rope then jump onto the platform on your left to open a chest with a Phoenix Feather inside.

Once you have the Phoenix Feather you can continue down the rope to the very bottom. There will be some Undead Archer enemies that you'll have to take out with your long range spear after which you'll be able to safely turn the wheel and open the gate in this area. Continue along the linear route, defeat the enemies that spawn and jump over the lava river when you find it. Grab the chest of Red Orbs after the lava river and continue along the path.

Shortly after the chest with Red Orbs you'll come across a giant golden Cyclops and a gold chest right next to it. If you're playing on a version of this game with Achievements then this gold chest likely has an Achievement associated with it for you. Try opening the chest and hold Circle for about one minute to get your Achievement. You can't actually open the chest though - so keep that in mind.

Gold Chest and Gold Cyclops

After you pass the Cyclops and the Gold Chest you'll have to fall down into a new area and battle some enemies. To the north you'll see an unmarked chest that you can reach by jumping across a few platforms over the lava. It has a Minotaur Horn inside of it. Back track a bit and then go right to find a rope that you can slide down to reach our next area.

When you land turn right and you will find a chest with Red Orbs sitting inside of a cubby hole. To the left you'll find a rope that you can climb, go to the tippy top first and jump off. You'll find an unmarked chest that should have a Gorgon Eye inside of it, however if you've already collected all 15 Gorgon Eyes you'll find Red Orbs inside.

Ride the rope down to the first room and jump off. The next room we visit is going to have some platforms that sink when you jump on them so you'll have to be quick with your timing otherwise you'll melt in the lava. At the end of this area you'll find King Midas (pictured below). You will have to perform a special quick time event on him to temporarily defeat him.

King Midas

This part is actually quite annoying, you beat up King Midas but you don't kill him - you only incapacitate him. While he is incapacitated you need to drag him out of this cave and as you are doing that dogs will keep spawning in this area. Also, King Midas will keep waking up and attacking you, forcing you to do the whole punch him and knock him out routine again.

You need to drag King Midas to the room with the lava - when you get close there will be a cinematic quick time event of Kratos dragging him and King Midas occasionally grabbing onto things. You'll have to mash Circle when these things happen but otherwise sit back and enjoy.

When you finally get him to the lava a cutscene will take place after which you can climb up the golden waterfall to reach a new area. Grab the chest with Red Orbs and the Health or Magic chest then continue down the path. You will pass by another chest with Red Orbs on your way to the next area which is pictured below.

Breakable Gate Along Path

Enemies will spawn to attack you when you enter into this area, defeat them then smash down the broken wood gate that's behind Kratos in my screenshot. Inside this small room you'll find an unmarked chest that either has a Phoenix Feather or some Red Orbs if you've collected 15 Phoenix Feathers already.

Continue up the path and you'll come across a Health or Magic chest and another chest with Red Orbs inside of it up ontop of the nearby platform. To the left of this area you'll find another door that you can break through which leads you into a building; there is another chest with Red Orbs out front too. In the first hallway you'll find some wooden beams that you have to navigate with Undead Archers on the other side. Use your spear to take out the enemies and then carefully walk across the beams.

On the right hand side of these beams you can jump up and attack some wood to destroy them and uncover an unmarked chest. There will be another Phoenix Feather inside of here I think, otherwise you'll get Red Orbs and Blue Orbs.

The next area will have a save point - run towards the screen to the south of the save point and you'll come across two chests with Red Orbs inside. After grabbing both of these continue along the path until you come to the area shown in my screenshot below.

Metal Chain To Destroy

You will find a large metal chain holding onto some crates, in order to destroy the chain you will need to attack it with Thera's Bane. Destroying this first chain will cause some enemies to spawn in the area and attack you - defeat all of them then board the elevator and destroy the second chain. The platform will fall down to a wooden walkway below.

Run towards the screen until you hit a dead end and you'll find an unmarked chest with a Minotaur Horn inside of it. If you've been following the guide this entire time then this is 15/15 for you! Our Health, Magic and Fire meters are now all max! The other path has a wheel that drops a bridge allowing you to board the boat with fellow Spartans.

There will be a cutscene after which you regain control of Kratos on the boat while it is being attacked (pictured below).

Kratos Return Atlantis Trip

The event on this boat is the longest combat event in this entire game and maybe in any God of War game ever. You'll fight what seems like an endless stream of enemies - the upside is there are only two enemy types that will attack you while on the boat. Atlantis Troglodytes or whatever they are and Harpies. The Harpy enemies are definitely the more annoying of the two because they will grab you endlessly and force you to spam L and R to throw them off. The only way to avoid their grabs is to constantly dodge roll.

When you are about 1/10th through this event one of the Spartans on your ship will yell for help from Poseidon, this will cause Poseidon to rain down lightning bolts for the rest of the event. They are pretty easy to dodge because where they strike is not random and the lightning bolts also hurt the enemies so it can be beneficial to you if you learn their rotation.

Eventually this whole event will end with your boat hitting a rock and Kratos being thrown overboard. He grabs hold of the boat and you have to spam Circle in a quick time event but no matter how much you spam he still loses his grip. After the cutscenes you'll regain control of Kratos in Sunken Atlantis (pictured below).

Sunken Atlantis

Grab the Health and Magic chests because at this point you probably need them - then continue down the hallway to a pool of water. Dive down into the water and swim down the hallway until the current pushes you into a new room. First thing you'll want to do in this room is swim up a bit and dash through the dented gate on the left hand side.

From this area you will be able to swim through a hole in the floor and grab two chests with Red Orbs in them. Exit this area and return to the room the current pushed you to - go right this time instead of left and you'll find a long hallway with a Red Orbs chest at the end of it.

There will be another long hallway until finally you can surface with Kratos and get back onto land. In this area there will be humans left alive yelling about the end of Atlantis; it feels like we're in the early stages of Bioshock where Rapture is falling to pieces around us. Follow the linear path and you will come to an area with a Grapple Point and a pool of electric water below (pictured below).

Grapple Point Above Pool of Water

Climb the wall to the top and exit via the platform on the right hand side. Before going down the hallway though turn around and jump across the gap to reach a platform on the other side. You'll find two chests with Red Orbs here and another unmarked chest that is probably a Gorgon Eye. Assuming that you got all 15 Gorgon Eyes already it'll be Red Orbs and Green Orbs instead.

Jump across the gap again and continue down the hallway. The route we're on is linear, you'll have to fight a few enemies along the way but just keep following the only route we can until you eventually come across a save point. Next to the save point will be a chest that is either Magic or Health depending on when you grab it and a wall that you can break through.

On the other side of the wall you'll find two unmarked chests, both of which give you Green Orbs and Red Orbs which tells me they're probably Gorgon Eye and/or Minotaur Horn chests. There is another wall you can break down in this room too, on the other side of it is an enemy.

After you've collected these goodies proceed down the hallway doing in the opposite direction, it'll lead you to a pool of water that you can dive down into. Now that you are underwater follow the hallway to a large circular room with floating bodies in it. To get the chest with Red Orbs use dash to break through the gate.

Swim to the surface in this room then jump up onto land. On the right hand side of this area you'll find a wall that you can break through that has an unmarked chest inside of it. The chest gives Blue Orbs and Red Orbs which tells me that it's likely a Phoenix Feather.

Gate And Two Levers

Go back into the water and swim down one floor until you see a gate in the middle and two levers, one on the right and one on the left (pictured above). What you need to do is pull both of these levers to open the gate then use your swim dash to swim against the current and get as close as possible to the gate.

This part is timed but that shouldn't be too big of a deal since they give you plenty of time. When you get the pop up letting you know that you can grapple onto the Grapple Point - hit circle. You'll have to spin the analog stick around just like the last time we did this to pull yourself over to the Grapple Point.

From the Grapple Point you will dash down a new hallway and surface at the end of it. There will be another hallway that you'll run down that leads you directly to the platform shown in my screenshot below. In order to reach this platform you'll need to use a Grapple Point to swing over to it.

Atlantis Electrical Pool of Water

When you turn the crank on this platform it will start going up. Enemies will spawn and try to knock you off, use your Arms of Sparta Spear to hit all enemies in the distance and deal with the enemies up close using your Blades of Athena. Once you reach the top and all enemies are defeated a bridge will connect to this platform allowing you to advance.

Grab the Health and Magic chests then continue down the next hallway to a new area called Ancient Atlantis. You will now find yourself in a large circular room, our destination is down a hallway on the right hand side of the screen. It will lead you to another circular room with a Statue of Athena, you'll have a cutscene here.

After the cutscene continue down the hallway and into the room with a save point. The door will close behind you so now there is only one route left for us to go - into the next room. When you enter the next area you'll get a pop up letting you know that you're now in the Nexus of Atlantis (pictured below).

Nexus of Atlantis

In this area the first thing you'll need to do is defeat the various enemies coming out to attack you. After they're all taken care of attack the 3 pillars on the left hand side of the screen until parts of them break off. You'll be able to push the middle pillar which will cause all 3 of them to tumble into the abyss below. With the pillars gone, search the newly naked wall for an area that you can climb up.

The climbable wall will lead you to another platform with a Grapple Point; use this Grapple Point to reach a Red Orbs chest then climb down to a new area. Fight some enemies, beat them and then climb up yet another wall (this one is very short) to another Grapple Point.

Much like before you'll want to use this Grapple Point to swing over to a new area. On this platform you'll find a Health and Magic chest as well as a save point. Bust open the door and continue down the next hallway until you come across another circular room. Enemies will spawn to attack you here - one of which is an Automaton. When you defeat him he'll drop an Automaton Gear which we'll be using in a little bit.

The room after you fight the Automaton will have a Health or Magic chest, a chest with Red Orbs as well as an unmarked chest. When you open the unmarked chest you'll get Blue and Red Orbs which tells me this is likely a Phoenix Feather. Continue across the bridge until you come to the area shown in my screenshot below.

Wheel to Turn

Approach the wheel and place the Automaton Gear inside of it; spam the Circle button and you'll get a cutscene afterwards. Once the scene is over you will want to back track all the way to the Nexus of Atlantis - the big room where we used a few Grapple Points 5minutes ago. Use the one Grapple Point to swing over to a climbable wall and follow it all the way up.

You'll find yourself on a cracked platform with a chest of Red Orbs, grab this chest then continue down the hall to the Health and Magic chests. Immediately to the right of these chests you'll find a hole in the floor and a climbable wall that leads down through that hole. Climb down and then across the ceiling following the linear path.

When you enter the next room you'll get a short scene with Lanaeus where he closes the gate on you forcing you to take the long route. Defeat the few enemies that spawn on the ceiling to stop you and make your way to the same location shown in my picture below.

Throw Spear at Lanaeus

From this platform you'll be able to throw some spears at Lanaeus and knock him into the electricity water. This will cause the gate that he closed to open up - so you'll want to climb back up the wall and through the newly opened gate. Drop down onto the platform below and press Circle next to the Automaton Gear to use it as a weapon to defeat the enemy here. Kratos will put the Automaton Gear into his pocket immediately after since we'll be using it in a bit.

Jump across to the adjacent platform and continue down the hallway.


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