God of War: Ghost of Sparta Walkthrough Chapter 3

Chasm of Solace

After crossing the chasm you'll get into a fight with some Undead Archers and Harpy enemies. Defeat them then grab the chest of Red Orbs and continue to the next area. You'll come across a Grapple Point which you'll need to use to launch yourself across another gap to a climbable wall. Climb up and once you're at the top turn around and jump across the gap to grab a chest with a Phoenix Feather inside.

The next room that you come across will have a new enemy in it called a Dredge of Boreas. He uses mostly ice based attacks but shouldn't be too tough of a fight. Once defeated continue along to find a crate that you can push on a bridge. You need to move this crate to the opposite end of the bridge then use it to reach a ledge above you; from this ledge you'll be able to jump to the rope and slide down it.

In this new area there will be sheets of ice that you need to destroy as you climb across these walls. First you'll want to visit the sheet of ice up top and destroy it using Thera's Bane. This will give you access to the same room shown in the screenshot below.

Frozen Automaton

Use Thera's Bane when attacking the frozen Automaton in this room to thaw it out. Then you'll have to use Thera's Bane while fighting it to successfully destroy the armor. Once defeated you'll take the Automaton Gear from the machine which you can use to unlock the gate downstairs.

Return to the first ice sheet we passed at the base of this climbable wall and use the Automaton Gear on the wheel in this room to activate it. Turn the wheel to open the gate then climb over to the gate and drop down to get inside. If you are having trouble reaching the gate - you have to approach it from the ceiling.

In this room you'll find a Health and Magic chest as well as an unmarked chest with a Gorgon Eye inside of it. Jump into the pool of water here and dive down. Swim towards the screen first and claim the chest with Red Orbs inside of it then swim down the tunnel until you reach a strong current.

You will get a tutorial about using your underwater dash to swim against the strong current. What you have to do here is dash once then press Circle to connect with the Grapple Point. There will be a brief minigame when you do this after which Kratos will dash off to the side.

There will now be a large spinning wheel in your way. Wait as the wheel spins around until you see a part that is all beat up and has holes in it. Use your swim dash to bust through this part of the wheel and access the next room. Before you take the obvious path to the surface you will want to go right first and grab another chest with Red Orbs inside of it.

Surface, follow the hallway and drop down into a new room where you'll be fighting some enemies. After you beat all of them you'll have to cross a large bridge (pictured below).

Snowy Bridge Near Aroania PassAroania Pass

After you cross the bridge grab the Health and Magic chests if needed then immediately turn to the right and follow the path down to a chest with Red Orbs inside of it. Once you've got all that stuff continue up the snowy path towards Aroania Pass. You'll come across a destroyed bridge with a spooky figure on the opposite side of it.

When you get close enough to this figure it'll be revealed that it's the monster from earlier that was looking for us. Her name is Erinys and she isn't here to take Kratos out on a lovely date.

Erinys Boss Fight

Much like all of the fights in God of War in order to beat Erinys you'll have to perform a series of quick time events. You'll start by ripping both of her wings off - she'll transform into a bird once you do this and start flying around. There will be a couple more quick time events that you will need to handle as they appear to win this fight. One thing I can mention is to use Thera's Bane during the second phase of this fight when Erinys is in her bird form.

Erinys will be covered in armor while in her bird form and you won't be able to damage her without Thera's Bane. You'll want to use Thera's Bane even during the cinematic fight sequences, specifically during the one where you are in free fall chasing her and stabbing her in the back.

After the free fall event you will crash back into the ground and you'll have to run up to Erinys and finish the fight with one final quick time event. Dodge roll to avoid her attacks and get close enough then press Circle for your cinematic victory.

Once defeated you'll claim the Scourge of Erinys as your reward which is another magical power for Kratos. As usual when you get a new magical power a bunch of enemies will spawn and you'll have unlimited magic so you can test it out and learn how it works. Unlike the previous magic we got this one is actually insanely good.

Defeat all of the enemies and then head down the only path in the area to find two chests, one has a Minotaur Horn and the other has a Gorgon Eye. Continue along the path to find Sparta, Kratos' home town.

Sparta God of War

Sparta is still an active and lively city in this game with many different NPCs throughout. You'll roam through it with Kratos unable to attack any of the inhabitants, the path you follow will be quite linear and the camera angles will force you to go in a specific direction for this part. The first important thing you'll find is a chest with Red Orbs inside of it.

After the chest with red orbs you'll come across The Brothel which is... well, a brothel. You can participate in a sex minigame here which will earn you a bunch of Red Orbs if you're successful - or you can skip it, it's totally up to you. Continue along the linear path and you'll find another chest with Red Orbs inside of it. Eventually you'll reach a part of town where Kratos has a flash back to a fight he had with Deimos.

You will be controlling Kratos during this fight, it's pretty easy to win and most of your attack and block buttons are the same. There will be a tutorial when you start the fight either way that will explain everything to you. After you beat Deimos there will be a cutscene, when you regain control of Kratos continue along the path and enter the building with a save point inside.

There will be a hole in the floor that you can go through next to the save point that will drop you down into the Jails of Sparta. Grab the Health and Magic chests if you need it then pull the lever nearby to gain access to the next room. Defeat the enemies that come out to attack you then smash down the dilapidated door on the left hand side of this room, there will be a chest with Red Orbs behind it.

Go down the hallway on the right and you'll find another lever to pull, hit it and you'll free someone named The Dissenter in the next room. Watch him run away then open the door manually to proceed. In this room you will want to destroy the wooden door on the left hand side to uncover a chest with a Minotaur Horn inside of it. Also, destroy the wall in The Dissenter's jail cell to uncover another chest with Red Orbs inside of it.

2 Red Orbs Chests and Lever

Much like before you'll want to go down the hallway on the right to proceed. This hallway will run into a dead end which has a Health chest for you to collect. In the middle of the hallway on the right hand side you'll find a ladder to climb which is where we need to go. Climbing the ladder will put you in the same area shown in my screenshot above. Grab both Red Orbs chests and pull the lever to open the door we need.

The next room will have a bunch of enemies in it that you need to defeat - eliminate them and continue forward for a boss fight. When you first enter this area there will be a scene with The Dissenter closing the gate and a big enemy named Piraeus Lion coming out to attack you. My advice to make this fight easier is to use your new magic attack (Scourge of Erinys) as well as Thera's Bane.

Once you have defeated the Piraeus Lion enemy you'll have a chase where Kratos hunts down The Dissenter and eliminates him. Pick up his body and carry it down the hallway until you reach the area shown in my screenshot below. Drop The Dissenter's body onto the square floor tile and the ladder nearby will be lowered. Open both of the Red Orbs chests then continue up the ladder to the next area.

The Dissenter and Red Orbs Chests

At the top of the ladder you'll find 3 chests, a Health and Magic chest as well as an unmarked chest that contains a Gorgon Eye. If you've been following this guide from the start then this will be Gorgon Eye #14 for you - only one more for max health! Continue down the path and climb up the ledges at the end of it to reach a new platform.

From this platform you'll need to use the nearby Grapple Point to swing across a gap and reach another ledge. There will be a chest with Red Orbs on this ledge along with another Grapple Point that will swing Kratos around to a wall that we can climb. Up top you'll find a rope that we can shimmy across, our destination is the other ledge nearby which has a Red Orbs chest on it.

You will have to jump from this rope to the next one to reach the ledge - it's all stuff we've done before. To the right of the chest with Red Orbs you'll be able to sidle across the ledge using Kratos. Eventually you'll run out of room to sidle further - press L once to have Kratos drop down and grab onto the ledge with his hands. Shimmy across the lower portion this way until you reach the spot where you can stand back up.

Ledge Grapple Point

The ledge will eventually run into the wall, as shown in my screenshot above. What you'll need to do here is press L to let go of the ledge and then press Circle to connect with the Grapple Point. Kratos will swing safely into the room and you can continue onward. In the next room you come across you'll have to fight some enemies, defeat them and continue along the wooden bridge until you come to an opening with another Grapple Point.

Grapple on and Kratos will swing around to a different ledge that has a chest of Red Orbs and a wall we can climb. Climb up the wall and defeat the various Undead Legionnaire enemies as you go. When you reach the top portion of the climbable wall scoot over to the right first and you'll find a small ledge that has a Phoenix Feather treasure chest.

Hop back onto the wall and this time go all the way to the left. You'll have to jump across a waterfall and climb a good distance before you find the next area. When you arrive in the next area you'll see some Undead Archers in the distance shooting at you, a rope we can climb across and one of those lava doors that we can open (pictured below).

Lava Door Rope and Archers

First you'll want to blast open the lava door nearby, this will allow you to reach the Undead Archers along with the two Red Orbs chests behind them. Now that these annoying enemies are defeated you'll be able to swing across the rope and reach the opposite side of this area.

The rope will lead you to a new platform with a wall that you can climb - it'll lead directly to a save point and a long path. Follow the long path to reach the Temple of Ares, there will be some Spartans here pulling down the Statue of Ares since he's no longer the God of War - we are! After the scene open the door leading into the Temple of Ares and go inside.

Go up the stairs in the temple and the first room that you come across will have a throne in the middle and two unmarked chests on either side. One of these chests has a Gorgon Eye and the other has a Phoenix Feather. Assuming that you've been following my guide since the start of the game this is your 15th Gorgon Eye and also your last - as of now you have max health!

Continue into the next room when you're ready to advance the story.

Kratos Fight With Past Self

There will be a cutscene after which you'll have to complete a scripted battle. Your younger self will keep charging and attacking Kratos and you'll be forced to grab him and throw him into the mirror. Each time you throw the ghost of your younger self you'll have to aim him at a different part of the mirror. Hit all four parts of the mirror (Top, Bottom, Right and Left) to complete this fight.

Your reward for beating your younger self is The Skull of Keres which if you remember is an item we needed way earlier in the game while we were in Atlantis. Exit the Temple of Ares and follow the linear path down the mountain. There will be a chest with Red Orbs on your left that you should grab as you pass - eventually you'll find the Spartan from earlier who will give Kratos a spear and shield which combined are called the Arms of Sparta.

Kratos Arms of Sparta

Some enemies will spawn allowing you to test out your new equipment. One unique feature of this spear is Kratos is able to throw it as many times as he wants. All you have to do is hold down the R button to select a target then press Square to throw the weapon. This is going to be your only real ranged attack for Kratos so you'll want to keep it in mind for the rest of the game.

The next area we come across will have a bridge with numerous Undead Archers on the opposite side. You'll get a tutorial on this bridge about holding the L button down to block with Kratos' new shield; you can still walk forward while blocking so you'll want to hold L while walking down this bridge to block all incoming attacks.

Once you're within attacking distance of the arches eliminate all of them then grab the chest nearby which contains a Minotaur Horn. Further up the path you'll find an elevator with a lever that you'll want to pull to make it go up to the next area.

Mounts of Aroania Part 2

Continue along the same path we followed the last time we were in this area. As you're crossing the bridge you'll get attacked by enemies and you'll have to use your long range spear as well as close range attacks. Shortly after you finish the fight on the bridge you'll get a tutorial letting you know that any objects that glow red can be destroyed with your spear.

Lock onto the bridge above you when you get this tutorial and throw some spears at it to break it down. Once you break both supports for this bridge you'll be able to climb up it to reach a new area. Up here you'll find two chests, one has a Minotaur Horn in it and the other has a Phoenix Feather. After claiming these two items board the elevator to your right and hit the lever to ride it up top.

There will be a small wooden bridge ahead that you'll have to fight another one of those Dredge of Boreas enemies on. Defeat him then continue across the bridge into an ice cavern of sorts. Sidle across the small ledge to reach the Red Orbs and Health/Magic chest then continue across another wooden bridge.

Undead Archers will spawn and you'll want to chuck your spear at them to eliminate them from a distance. After the wooden bridge you'll come across another ice cavern - this one has environmental hazards that you'll have to deal with in order to progress.

Shrine of Boreas

Hold the L button to block with your Spartan Arms and then slowly walk up the snowy path until you reach the dead end; you'll get a prompt to destroy the ice wall here and stop the annoying environmental hazards. After destroying the ice wall search the ground and you will find the Horn of Boreas item which is going to be another magical ability for Kratos.

Much like every time we get a new magical skill enemies will spawn and you'll have unlimited magic for the fight so that you can spam your magic attack and see how it works. I don't like this new magical attack at all but maybe you do! Once all of the enemies are defeated continue into the next room and grab the Red Orbs chest as well as the chest with a Minotaur Horn.

Continue along the path and you'll enter the Canyons of Sorrow, there will be a cutscene followed by a fight once you enter into the next 'room'.

Canyons of Sorrow

The path will drop off after the room you fight the enemies in; there will be a slide then a Grapple Point followed by another slide. When you land in a new area you'll be immediately thrown into a fight against a couple of enemies. Defeat all of them then continue down the only available path.

You will come to a room where there is a corpse on the ground and a brief scene of a man wearing a crown scurrying away up top. The first thing you will want to do is destroy the wooden blockade that is near the body; this will allow you to jump up and grab onto the ledge that's here.

Climb up onto the first ledge then sidle over to the right to find a hidden platform that has a chest with a Minotaur Horn inside. Sidle over to the left and climb up the two ledges to reach the wooden platform with the torch (pictured below). In the corner behind this torch you will want to jump and grab onto the wooden ledge - jump up again to reach a hidden area with two chests that contain Red Orbs.

Climb to Red Orbs Chests
Climb up where Kratos is in this screenshot to find 2 Red Orbs chests!

To proceed to the next area you'll want to follow the gold trail that's on the ground. Grab onto the ledge to the left of Kratos in the screenshot above and from there you can easily jump across to the other ledge on your left. Climb up and continue along the path - jumping over the lava river when you reach it.

In the next area you'll want to climb the ladder on the left and open the chest with Red Orbs inside. Run across the half broken bridge and smash down the lava door to find a room with a crank that you can turn. Turning the crank will open the nearby gate - to reach this gate you will need to exit this room and sidle across the small ledge on the broken part of the bridge. Look for gold hand prints and foot prints if you're having trouble finding the ledge, they'll lead you right to where we have to go.

Before you go through the gate you should jump across to the nearby platform and open the chest for another Phoenix Feather. With that out of the way, continue through the gate and it will shut behind you.



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