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God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough - Chapter 3

Temple of Zeus

Cross the bridge and open up the two chests to your right - one of which is a Red Orb chest and the other is unmarked. The unmarked chest may or may not have a Gorgon Eye or Phoenix Feather. From now on I will mention if the chest is unmarked but since we have full Health/Magic we won't get any more Gorgon Eyes or Phoenix Feathers.

The next room you come across will have a giant statue of Zeus holding a neat looking gauntlet. Enemies will spawn when you enter the room and you'll have to use the fabled Plume of Prometheus to destroy their shields so that you can defeat them (Square, Square, Triangle).

When the fight is over stand in the middle of the room and press the circle button to start a minigame that involves Kratos pulling down the Statue of Zeus (pictured below).

Pulling Down Statue of Zeus

After pulling down the statue pick up the Gauntlet of Zeus item which is going to be another power-up for Kratos. Press down on the D-pad to equip this gauntlet; also I recommend spending some of your Red Orbs immediately to enhance this gauntlet and unlock more attacks. I personally had enough Red Orbs to max out this gauntlet along with every other power up on Kratos at this point.

Defeat the enemies that spawn after you pick up the Gauntlet of Zeus - I recommend you use Efreet or Blades of Chaos though because they have shields. Once they're all defeated exit this room, run across the bridge and smash the locked door that we came through originally. A spikey wall will chase you through this hallway as you smash through another door then through the statue.

We're now back in the room with the 3 statues and that crank from earlier. Use the Gauntlet of Zeus to destroy the two statues here - behind one is an unmarked chest and behind the other is the path we need to take next. Follow the linear path down into a new room then climb the rock wall up to another room.

There will be a crank in this room that you can turn after you defeat all of the enemies along with a Health and Magic chest. After you turn the crank return to the room below you. On the right hand side of the screen you'll see a chain that connects to this platform that you can use to cross over to a new area with a save point and a Health/Magic chest.

Climb the wall in this area and follow the path until you eventually drop down into the room shown below.

Tartarus Two Cranks

This room will have some enemies for you to fight and a crank that you can use. You'll also find a rock ontop of the other nearby crank that you can destroy using the Gauntlet of Zeus. Spin both cranks then run across the chain back to our original platform. Jump across the two platforms to your right and continue up a path to a new door.

Some enemies will spawn near the large chain in this room and you'll see chests behind two gates that we can't reach just yet. Continue down the hall opposite of this large room and you will come across another door - when you open it you'll get a scene of Atlas stuck in a rock. After the scene grab the unmarked chest on the right hand side of the screen then climb up the climbable wall.

When you're almost at the top of the climbable wall you'll see that it splits, one path goes up and the other goes left. Take the left path first because that will lead you to a room with a Red Orb Chest and two unmarked chests - one of which would have a Phoenix Feather and another would have a Gorgon Eye. Just before the ladder that drops down into this room with the three chests you'll also find another unmarked chest to your left which most likely has a Gorgon Eye inside of it too.

Return to where the path split on the climbable wall and this time go up to a new area. You'll fight some enemies here - some of which are going to be archers in the distance. To hit the archers that are far away you'll want to use your Light of Dawn power up by holding the R button and pressing Square. This is Kratos' only ranged attack in this game.

After all the enemies are dead you will need to spin one crank then use the Gauntlet of Zeus to break the rock ontop of the other crank just like before. Turn that crank too then collect the Red Orbs chest and continue across the chains just like last time.

Two Levers in Tartarus

Following the linear path forward you'll eventually come across a room with two levers (pictured above). Pull both of these levers and then climb up the climbable wall right next to them so that you can shimmy over to the opening up top. There will be an unmarked chest with I think a Gorgon Eye inside along with a Health chest up here.

You will also find another lever up here, when you pull it Atlas' head will move a bit opening up a new climbable wall that we can use in the room below us. Return to that room and start climbing across this wall to reach a new area. Hop down to the cog next to the chain (pictured below) and start spinning the crank to proceed.

Tartarus Cog and Chain

Enemies will spawn as you are moving the cog along the chain and you'll have to stop periodically to defeat them but it's not difficult, only an inconvenience. Ride this cog all the way down the chain to another one and then jump down to that one. You'll want to repeat the same thing with this cog until you reach the ledge on the far end of this chain.

On the next ledge you'll have to punch a large metal object during a minigame with Kratos where you spam circle. This will reveal a chain that we can walk across to get to the other side. When you reach the other side you'll get a cutscene of Kratos climbing out of Hades; when you regain control of Kratos continue climbing up until you come to the area pictured below.

Back at Charons Dock

There will be two unmarked chests here - one of which I think has a Gorgon Eye and the other has a Phoenix Feather. Equip the Gauntlet of Zeus and smash through the nearby wall to find yourself back in a very familiar room. Defeat the enemies that spawn in this room and if you'd like to - use your Gauntlet of Zeus to smash the traps that are spitting out blades. They'll give you some Red Orbs but it's not like you need any at this point.

When you are ready to face off against Charon for the second time smash down the gate using the Gauntlet of Zeus and head over to the boat.

Charon Boss Fight Round 2

The first part of the Charon fight will be the same as the last, this time though when he teleports up top you'll want to use the Gauntlet of Zeus to smash the pillars. You will need to do this a total of 3 times to complete the first phase of the fight. After smashing the first pillar Charon will get a few new moves - so pay attention and learn his attacks.

My only advice for fighting him honestly is to parry his attacks. Specifically you can reflect his glowing balls back at him to heal yourself if you get a perfect parry. Once Charon has been defeated you'll have to do a quick time event on him for a cinematic victory. When you go to pick up the mask after you fight him there will be a scene and phase 2 will start.

Charon floats in the air for this phase and he will shoot glowing balls at you from the sky. You can either perfect parry them to throw them back at Charon or you can use your Light of Dawn magic (R + Square) to chuck your own glowing balls of light at him. There will be another quick time event minigame when he falls from the sky after which you'll get a cutscene.

Satyr Fight On Boat

When you regain control of Kratos you'll automatically gain Charon's Wrath which is your final magic upgrade. If you're anything like me you can go into your inventory right now and fully upgrade this magic and still have 30,000 Red Orbs left over. This God of War game gave us so many extra orbs than we need it's pretty crazy.

Anyway, blast the Satyr enemies away using your new found magic powers. Hold R and tap Circle a few times to use it, the controls aren't the best and I am not sure if I really like it or not. The game is almost over anyway so who cares, right? Head inside of the Temple of Persephone and grab the unmarked chests on either side of the main room. If you haven't maxed out your meters yet one will have a Gorgon Eye and the other will have a Phoenix Feather. Otherwise they both have Red Orbs inside of them.

Temple of Persephone Room

The next room will have enemies along with two Red Orbs chests and one unmarked chest that most likely has a Gorgon Eye inside of it. For the most part this temple is very straight forward, it's just room after room of tough enemies. After you pass the room with the save point you'll get a small fork in the road, the door on the left goes to a chest with Red Orbs and a chest that is either Health/Magic.

Tip: Use the Plume of Prometheus ability (Square, Square, Triangle) to break enemies armor or the Gauntlet of Zeus.

More enemies and more linear path until you eventually make your way to an elevator that you'll have to raise manually by turning a crank. At the top there will be another fork in the road, the door on the right takes you to an unmarked chest that likely has a Gorgon Eye inside of it and a Red Orbs chest. The door on the left continues the story.

The Groves of PersephoneKratos Pushing Calliope Away

You will find yourself in the Grove of Persephone next, there will be a scene here involving Persephone after which you'll have to interact with the Forsaken Tree and perform a few minigames to strip yourself of all your upgrades and gear. Once you're done with this go through the nearby portal and you'll find yourself in the Fields of Elysium

There will be more scenes in the Fields of Elysium involving Kratos, Persephone and his daughter Calliope. You will also have a perform the silliest quick time event in God of War history where you'll have to push Calliope away from you 3 times by spamming the Circle button. Once you push your daughter away you will need to run around the Fields of Elysium and use the grab attack to defeat some spirits.

After defeating a few spirits you'll get your Blades of Chaos back. When this happens Undead Legionnaire enemies will start spawning to attack you as well. Defeat enemies in this area until all of your upgrades come back then proceed up the stairs towards the big temple at the top. On your way up the stairs there will be a cinematic involving Persephone after which the final boss fight begins.

Persephone Boss Fight

I am not the best person to give you advice on how to beat a challenging boss in these sorts of games. All I can really think to say is remember to use your parry and remember to dodge attacks. Dodge roll to avoid the big rocks she throws at you and parry anything else that you can. Once you beat Persephone's first phase she will give you a big hug and drain all your health and magic - you will then be thrown into an immediate quick time event that you'll likely fail your first time.

Honestly, out of no where Atlas will come down with his fist and you'll have to immediately hit a button to avoid it. This will be the beginning of a quick time event where Kratos flies around using his Blades of Chaos and chains Atlas back up so that he can't interfere further. Once this quick time event is over you'll be fighting Persephone again, this is when Phase 2 starts.

During Phase 2 Persephone hangs out ontop of broken pillars most of the time. You will have to use Kratos' only ranged attack (his Light of Dawn) to hit Persephone until she falls off the pillar. Then you can run in and do some damage to her using the Blades of Chaos until she regains her footing and climbs back ontop of the pillar.

Rinse and repeat this as many times as needed until Persephone collapses on the floor and starts to glow with a green and black aura. Once this happens you will need to step into the circle of light on the ground and use your shield (pictured below). This will give you a brief minigame where you need to spam Circle - Kratos will blast her with light once you're successful (pictured below).

Blast Persephone With Light

You will have one more brief minigame where you have to press the correct buttons when prompted. Once that's over Kratos will defeat Persephone and you'll get the final cinematic for the game. We're now officially done with God of War: Chains of Olympus!


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