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God of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Fire Ballista Into Boat

The game begins with Kratos in the Shores of Attica fighting a battle against regular enemies ontop of a building. You'll want to spend a little time right now learning the controls for this game and how things work. My only advice to you at this point is to abuse the Square - Square - Triangle combo which is called Plume of Prometheus. This is an extremely powerful attack that stuns enemies and breaks their shields (if applicable).

Once you have eliminated all of the enemies you'll need to use the nearby ballista (pictured above). Use the Circle button to interact with the ballista and then use the analog stick to pull back and fire the shot into the nearby boat. There will be a short scene showing the boat getting destroyed and also a hole being blasted into the building behind Kratos.

Fall down into the hole and defeat the enemies inside. When you go to open the door leading out of this room you'll be attacked be a giant Cyclops and you'll be forced to defend yourself in a quick time event of sorts. If this is your first time playing God of War you should get used to events like this as there will be many throughout the game inside and outside of combat.

After fighting off the Cyclops a giant Basilisk will burst through the wall and attack you - this is your first boss fight.

Basilisk Boss Fight

During your fight with the Basilisk you'll be given various tips on how to dodge its attacks and also tips about the quick time event that occurs when he is low health. After being successful with the quick time event you'll need to pick up the pillar next to the Basilisk and clobber him over the head with it.

Exit through the hole the Basilisk left and run along the beach until you come across a battering ram. You'll need to move this ram up the beach to the door ahead - the battering ram is on rails so just push it forward and it'll automatically reach its intended destination. To the right of the door you push the battering ram to there will be a chest with Red Orbs inside, to the left will be a chest with a Gorgon Eye inside.

Make sure you grab the Gorgon Eye while you're here because collecting enough of these will give you a permanent boost to your health. During this guide I will point out every Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather that I come across so that you can maximize your health and magic while playing the game.

Once the battering ram is in place use it to bust through the door then continue along the linear path. You'll have to swim across some water and battle some archers before you arrive at the crank pictured below.

Shores of Attica Crank

What you need to do for this part is to turn the crank to open the door in the distance. While you're turning the crank you'll also have to deal with various enemies coming out to attack you - they shouldn't be too hard though. Once the door in the distance is open you'll have to run towards it and use your dodge roll to make it in time.

In order to perform a dodge roll you'll need to press both the L and R triggers at the same time and move the analog stick in the direction you want to roll. The next room you come across will have a bunch of enemies and two towers with wooden walls that you can destroy. You'll find a ladder to climb up in one tower which proceeds to the next area and in the other one you'll find two chests with Red Orbs inside of it.

As you are climbing up the ladder to progress you'll want to disembark about half way up to open the chest with another Gorgon Eye inside of it. One thing to note is that all chests that contain a Gorgon Eye or Phoenix Feather are unmarked - if you see an unmarked chest it's more than likely one of these two items.

Once you climb up to the top of the ladder you'll have a few enemies to defeat and a chest with Red Orbs to grab to the left. To the right you'll find a wooden beam that you'll have to walk carefully across that will lead you to a door. Inside the door you'll face off against our next boss, a Persian General.

Persian Boss Fight

The fight against this boss will be pretty standard, unload on him with your attacks and dodge all of his attacks until you get the quick time event minigame. As always, you'll have to defeat this boss using the quick time event otherwise he will just regenerate. Once defeated you'll be rewarded with The Efreet which will be Kratos' first magic ability in this game.

You'll get a brief tutorial explaining how The Efreet can be used and what it does - defeat the enemies that spawn with your new magical ability and the doors leading out of this room will open up. One set of doors will lead you into a vault with two ladies whom you're able to please in this God of War's Sex Minigame. Complete the sex minigame successfully and you'll be rewarded with a bunch of Red Orbs - so it's definitely worth doing once.

In the next room you come across you'll have another ballista that you have to move and fire along with a bunch of enemies that will bother you as you try and move it. Enemies in this area will keep spawning unless you approach their ladders and press the Circle button to knock them down. If you'd like to farm up some extra Red Orbs then leaving the ladders up (at least one of them) is a smart move because enemies will spawn endlessly.

Otherwise, your only goal here is to point the ballista at the Basilisk and fire it. After hitting the Basilisk proceed through the door to the left and into a new room with a crank (pictured below).

Room With Crank

For now you'll want to ignore the crank and climb the ladder on the opposite end of the room. This will lead you to a chest with Red Orbs inside and a chest with a Phoenix Feather inside. Once you've gotten these items return to the crank and spin it to make the elevator go down.

The path you're following will lead you to an area where you'll have to battle another Cyclops. My only advice is to try and deal as much damage from range as possible. Combos like Square, Square, Triangle (Plume of Prometheus) are generally the best choice for situations like this.

Once the Cyclops is defeated the red barrier blocking your exit will be lifted. Continue through the door opposite from where you entered and down the hallway with archers. You'll find a chest with Red Orbs and a chest with a Gorgon Eye inside of it. To the right of where you find the Gorgon Eye there will be a portion of the wall that you can climb up (pictured below).

Kratos Climbing Wall

Climb the wall and you'll come to a new area on the rooftops with a bunch of enemies. There will be a nearby platform that you can jump to that has two chests, one of them has Red Orbs and the other has a Phoenix Feather. Much like before you can farm some Red Orbs at this location if you want by leaving the ladders up - if you want to stop the enemies from spawning then kick the ladders down using Circle.

To proceed you'll want to smash through the wooden barricade on the right hand side of this area and pull the lever in that room. Ride the elevator down and then go into the market to the left to claim the chest with Red Orbs. Head up the stairs and through the door for a quick scene involving a Basilisk chewing on a body.

Clear out and explore this next room - it's pretty big and we will need to eliminate all of the enemies before we can do the puzzle. You'll find 3 chests with Red Orbs in this area, one is ontop the ledge with archers and the other two are tucked away in a corner on the right hand side market of this area.

Crate and Body for Pressure Plate

Once you're ready to proceed to the next area you'll want to grab the Crate and push it all the way over to where the closed door is at (pictured above). Push the crate ontop of the pressure plate to open the door then grab the body and carry it through the door to the next pressure plate. Drop the body onto the next pressure plate to open that door and proceed to the next area.

Go through the door and turn immediately to the right and you'll find a chest with Red Orbs inside of it. At the opposite end of this hallway (past the save point) you'll find another chest that contains a Phoenix Feather. Grab this and then continue down the linear hall and through the door at the end of it.

You'll come out on a bridge which is where the final battle against a Basilisk will take place.

Basilisk Quick Time Event

In order to beat this boss you'll have to engage in a total of 3 quick time event minigames. The first two will involve pulling the Basilisk down from ontop of the wall (pictured above) and using the towers on both sides of the bridge to clobber him. Once you've collapsed both towers ontop of him you'll get one final quick time event when the Basilisk goes to breath fire - when you successfully perform this final minigame you'll win the fight and get a cutscene.

You will regain control of Kratos in a new area, immediately to your right will be a chest that contains a Phoenix Feather. Grab this then climb down the wall to your right. There will be a chest with Red Orbs inside of it on the ledge and another wall you can climb down to reach the City of Marathon.

Next to the save point at the bottom of this wall you'll find a door that you can smash your way through. After the cinematic you'll be introduced to a new type of enemy - there's only one so it shouldn't be a tough fight. In the next room there will be another wooden barricade that you can bust through that leads you to two chests with Red Orbs.

City of MarathonCity of Marathon Crate to Push

The next area that we're going to explore resembles a city street with various buildings on either end of it (pictured above). I recommend you spend some time searching every building in this area because there are a couple chests with Red Orbs that you can find and open. At the far end of the street you'll come across a crate that's on fire (pictured above too).

Before you push this crate through the mist you should search the area to the left of it. Hidden behind the cracked wall you'll find a chest with a Gorgon Eye inside of it. To proceed through the mist you'll want to grab onto the crate using Circle and push it forward. You don't have to push it very far to reach the door ahead.

After you go through the door search behind the rubble to your right - you'll find a chest with another Gorgon Eye inside of it. This should be your fifth one in total if you've been following this guide. For the rest of this room, the first thing you'll have to do is defeat the Banshees that keep spawning by using the crank next to the door and closing it. Banshee enemies will keep spawning until this door is closed so focus on this first.

Once the door has been closed you'll want to go as far right as possible on this screen and eliminate the archers near the wagon with hay (pictured below).

Kratos holding torch near wagon

Now, with all of the enemies defeated, you'll want to grab the torch from the door near the crank that we closed and carry it down to the wagon. Toss the torch onto the wagon to light it on fire and then push it through the mist. While you're pushing this wagon through the mist you'll notice a few safe areas that you can jump to that aren't enshrouded in mist. Enemies will spawn in these areas making them stand out even more.

Each of these side areas will have chests that you can grab, the first one has two chests with Red Orbs and the second one has a Phoenix Feather and a chest with Health or Magic. When you reach the end of the path with the wagon you'll fight against a new type of enemy, a giant glowy cat.

Defeat the pussy cat and then smash through the wall on the right to continue. In the next area you'll find a chest with Health inside of it and a chest with some Red Orbs. You can climb up the wall next to the chest with Red Orbs to proceed. When you first climb up the wall you'll find a puzzle device that we can't do anything with just yet. For now continue down the road and into The Temple of Helios.

The Temple of Helios

Follow the linear path and climb the wall to reach the actual temple; when you first arrive there will be a cutscene involving Kratos and a statue of Athena. When the cutscene is over you'll find yourself in the courtyard of the Temple of Helios. First you'll want to run through the pool on the left to an unmarked chest - inside you'll find a Gorgon Eye.

There is another chest that you can grab right now too that contains Red Orbs - search the left hand side of the door leading into the save point and the lever. Once you've got both of these chests head inside of the door and pull the lever to go upstairs to a new area. Immediately to the right of the elevator you'll find a set of stairs down and a chest here which contains a Phoenix Feather.

After grabbing the feather take the stairs on the left to find another lever that you can pull, this one will open a nearby gate. Back track to the elevator we just rode up here and take it back down. Return to the large courtyard where we talked to the statue of Athena and go up the stairs on the left hand side of the screen.

You'll fight some Satyrs after which you'll want to continue along the linear path and through the gate that we just opened. The path will take you to another lever that opens a gate next to the locked door at the top of the elevator. Now that the annoying fire bombing Satyr is dead we can safely open the locked door (pictured below).

Kratos Opening Locked Door

There will be an easy minigame to open the door, complete it then continue down the long and narrow hallway. Half way through the hallway you'll find a Red Orb chest - aside from that there are a bunch of pots you can break that will give 2 Red Orbs each. At the end of the hallway you'll find a room with a bunch of Harpy enemies and one Red Orb chest.

Once you've eliminated all of the enemies move both of the statues towards the center of the room to reveal two levers that you can pull; both levers will open doors in this room. The door on the right hand side of the screen leads you to another lever, you'll have to pull this one first to open a door along the other path.

The other door leads you to a save point and an unmarked chest with Red Orbs, Health and Magic inside. To the left of this unmarked chest there will be a door that should be unlocked assuming you pulled the last lever I told you about. Go through the door and you'll find an elevator in the next room along with a few more chests, 2 of which are Red Orbs chests and one is a Phoenix Feather.

Elevator in Temple of Helios

When you are ready to proceed you'll want to board the elevator and smash the two mechanisms that look like locks on the tracks. As you ride the elevator down many enemies will spawn and attack you - defeat them all and you'll be introduced to a new type of enemy at the bottom. This guy carries a large shield with him and you'll have to use the Plume of Prometheus ability to break that shield.

Once you win the fight open the chests nearby and climb the stairs to continue. You'll eventually come across a big room with a bluish gray light trickling up from the floor below. Open the chests in this room and knock down the broken pillar to make a path into the middle (pictured below).

Pillar To Knock DownTemple of Athena

Climb across the pillar and you'll get a cutscene when you step into the middle of this room. For this next part you'll need to pull down another pillar on the northeastern side of this platform (pictured above). After you cross this pillar turn right towards the screen and follow the path down to reach two more chests, one with Red Orbs and another with a Gorgon Eye.

After grabbing both of these items continue along the only other path we can follow until you reach the throne room.


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