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Mortal Kombat: Deception - 2 Button Special Moves (Part 3) Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Mortal Kombat: Deception (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Mortal Kombat: Deception Codebreaker Codes index page and choose a different section.


2 Button Special Moves
- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3
- Part 4


Bo' Rai Cho-Monkey Flips-Press Up+Square

6CF3B9E8 3E369A22
87065304 C2F484B2


Bo' Rai Cho-Puke Puddle-Press Up+Triangle

048DD61A FE3DE069


Bo' Rai Cho-Earthquake-Press Up+X

BA0164BB E10A72C1
F46D0262 BA06EDC9


Bo' Rai Cho-Belly Bash-Press Up+Circle

4468557D EE88057B
5232FAAE A7A9F8F1


Li Mei-Nova Blast-Press Up+Square

C803BE29 18A6FA7B
E2710C3F BEF327DA


Li Mei-Flying Flurry-Press Up+Triangle

E216BBFD 1E858509
8C08E7EE 544915B1


Li Mei-Carnival Spin-Press Up+X

28DFC739 2E603EC0
42124D5E 91A4B7F0


Li Mei-Flipping Heel Kick-Press Up+Circle

F1B4A5D3 C2A5A0B6
A729E1AF A2379536


Hotaru-Lava Burst-Press Up+Square

752CD200 472BA9D0
649DE712 915DE684


Hotaru-Grasshopper-Press Up+Circle

70AF0BB7 A0BBD447
910326A6 7BF5D167


Nightwolf-Spirit Arrow-Press Up+Square

A28393EA 1CE2B77E
2FFB6D3A A67C29A6


Nightwolf-Lightning From Above-Press Up+Square

4AA96F6C D0DE29B0


Nightwolf-Reflector-Press Up+Triangle

DBEF53EF 09B2A425
0008B3C5 E3DF709F


Nightwolf-Rhino Charge-Press Up+Circle

620908AD 27CE9AA7


Ermac-Hado-Energy-Press Up+Square

BFBD2994 74964EE4
59887365 74BA8228


Ermac-Telekinetic Throw-Press Up+Triangle

0C6FEDC9 F69AE394
35D9B25A 1C93E278


Ermac-Mystic Float-Press Up+X

187677DD 9EE5E0F7


Ermac-Tele-Kinetic Slam-Press Up+Circle

0841F20F 4006A738
739D0D06 4A20017B


Mileena-Soaring Sai-Press Up+Triangle

CEC704B3 02188DA2
BEF10207 B59312A5


Mileena-Kick From Above-Press Up+Circle

B29EE228 004D2A15
B6B803F0 3B8D407D


Mileena-Rolling Thunder-Press Up+Circle

E4E13983 4186539B
F209359B DA25B17A


Ashrah-Heavenly Light-Press Up+Square

540D62C0 8524861F
2024CAF4 41F84C56


Ashrah-Lightning Blast-Press Up+Square

CAA177B3 7F43A56E
421CF128 706F3AC3


Ashrah-Spin Cycle-Press Up+X

280319CA 0218FC5E
C870FF17 364AED12


Ashrah-Nature's Torpedo-Press Up+Circle

39845BB4 B0064518


Sindel-Banshee Scream-Press Up+Square

6DB42925 B93D455D
9A220713 FF2AFDEE


Sindel-Sliding Foot Grab-Press Up+Square

E356A0B3 1E3FA19D
C98A3EE2 F8C14288


Sindel-Star Screamer-Press Up+X

81E2E475 E84ED07F


Baraka-Flying Shard-Press Up+Square

E8187398 D0EB8AD8
3F74D47B 3756EBE0


Baraka-Chop Chop Blades-Press Up+X

E51D15C5 110C413E
77436992 E419D4F8


Baraka-Mutant Blades-Press Up+X

F1C4B3F8 1487E6E6
5E19CFE9 20D28EB2


Kenshi-Telekinetic Slam-Press Up+Square

2C52AE88 17AE107D
734958F5 4FE7D9AF


Kenshi-Telekinetic Push-Press Up+Triangle

34CDDA79 92EC3A72
8FEAC583 9377025F


Kenshi-Mind Warp-Press Up+X

BB863B89 208765D6
48C49299 654FC3F0


Kenshi-Tele-Flurry-Press Up+X

20620630 390677BC
68E2252C DA40FF4D


Kenshi-Telekinetic Toss-Press Up+Circle

3E463DE3 3A661C22


Sub-Zero-Ice Clone-Press Up+Square

46326197 76AC3F67


Sub-Zero-Freeze Ball-Press Up+X

6023C749 3E52D57A
B10C3B7C 4154C608


Sub-Zero-Cold Shoulder-Press Up+Circle

D0AB22C6 B72AA056
D3EE1BD5 0A0BD282


Jade-Vanishing Winds-Press Up+Square

40917580 9BB6E295
4E6F2FD1 5D84EF7B


Jade-Dodging Shadows-Press Up+Triangle

FF4313FB 89633BD0
6904C05A E3AE058A


Jade-Razor-Rang-Press Up+X

9707D39B E6E65F76
08A065B3 810C3C56


Jade-Blazing Nitro Kick-Press Up+Circle

07962456 2FF41B2B
447FC75D 7376A514


Scorpion-Bloody Spear-Press Up+Square

C313867B 22D00EDA
72F06437 1A818629


Scorpion-Hellfire-Press Up+Triangle

B933BE63 9340616A
CB2FE78F 9F0A026F


Scorpion-Backflip Kick-Press Up+X

2494E257 8C3B8104
B73D15B6 0A024F45


Scorpion-Teleport Attack-Press Up+X

7B2A4668 21BED865
93103CE0 F3FC651E


Monster-Bloody Spear-Press Up+Square

690C4F8F 50CC78B2
DEA732BD F267919E


Monster-Hellfire-Press Up+Square

FBD9F70E 848F56E1
83739477 71A539D6


Monster-Backflip Kick-Press Up+X

27D1D90A BC23B419
F8610937 304BDBC9


Monster-Teleport Attack-Press Up+X

12C317C8 771E6D96
1D06836A D7472A55


Kabal-Plasma Blast-Press Up+Square

4B78BD95 50188D96
10E362E0 EDBD73FD


Kabal-Nomad's Touch-Press Up+Triangle

42506818 6C16B0A0
043127A9 6611C71D


Kabal-Raging Flash-Press Up+Circle

120844E8 DB91AFE8


Noob-Darkness-Press Up+Square

C0A2C1C9 996BDEA1
85B1114C 5CEB3655


Smoke-Stinky Cloud-Press Up+Square

9A42BE65 D7AAD94E
E4734847 25994B91


Noob-We Live-Press Up+Triangle

B95CA150 373A7B11
2B51FD05 D5B2346F


Smoke-Dark Assassin-Press Up+Triangle

D23676BE 6920B56C


Noob-Death From Above-Press Up+X

3DD0841E 4AFB8A68
D294F9D6 8C45744B


Noob-Dark Shadows-Press Up+X

971BE0EF DB583F05
33506801 311D8FFE


Smoke-Smokeycut-Press Up+Circle

2C4893BC 4945C7BA


Dairou-Tombstone Drop-Press Up+Square

28A241C0 9B6D2B0E
06067A65 A85CA0A7


Dairou-Iron Leg-Press Up+Triangle

94984253 D93B45CB
6920F1F5 AA84EAA2


Dairou-Stealthy Shadows-Press Up+X

523FE08F 0CC35853


Kobra-Chi-Blast-Press Up+Square

1BF0AC28 D8D70B43
87E7DB39 E6A005FD


Kobra-Crouching Chi-Blast-Press Up+Square

03488598 0CADD3BC
278E16B7 5A1B6810


Kobra-Burning Fist-Press Up+Triangle

575DFE2E 587DF182


Kobra-Tele-Punch-Press Up+Triangle

6D7AB4CE 170C799F


Kobra-Windmill Kick-Press Up+Circle

61B61600 554EFE05
E23B6509 F2CCD7C2


Tanya-Find Me-Press Up+Square

5E0A6D67 16F733DB
7BA6FA78 1092500F


Tanya-Surging Blast-Press Up+Triangle

80422D9D 6ED3B2B6


Tanya-Air Fire Blast-Press Up+Triangle

B84154DA A70C8789
101E9091 847D104F


Tanya-Human Cannon Drill-Press Up+X

4A6C68DC CE285F88
C3FC9C09 BDC66767


Tanya-Split Flip Kick-Press Up+Circle

3920C511 E3304532
2385284E 7AA33A9E


Liu Kang-Low Dragon Fire-Press Up+Square

C480266B 20880C39
213E36CD 4C24915C


Liu Kang-High Dragon Fire-Press Up+Triangle

B8EA7BC2 39633D28
D3EBFB35 B0F87A96


Liu Kang-Flying Bicycle Kick-Press Up+X

2123E2F8 91468866
493B9D92 7B05090F


Liu Kang-Flying Kick-Press Up+Circle

BBFB1F52 8B62EF84


Raiden-Lightning Bolt-Press Up+Square

490D9838 C599ACE4
E2DFDCCE 5C421184


Raiden-Shocking Touch-Press Up+Triangle

55B2D382 CBF3808E
F396B96C 513E7A43


Raiden-Static Teleport-Press Up+X

6E3310A2 F42007CB


Raiden-Flying Thunder God-Press Up+Circle

C7060890 D7750E0B
D3DC25B3 B45DC44C


Kira-Kiss Of Death-Press Up+Square

A3A82887 571AE2B5
2D6423AD 0A184794


Kira-Nightshade-Press Up+X

84687AA7 807693AD
3F28D385 8EC1F678


Kira-Black Dragon Ball-Press Up+Circle

0149A462 2F65E84D
BB43DBCB 40702DE5


Havik-Torso Spin-Press Up+Square

AD323257 EA0B56BE
69AB7BD4 B364BB9D


Havik-Diving Corpse-Press Up+Square

54E2738C A5274371
3A672B6C 6739CE54


Havik-Head Snap-Press Up+Triangle

59F67A74 6F1FF83B
03719FC4 A145B32D


Havik-Crackling Legs Projectile-Press Up+X

2BCAC166 273CBCF6


Havik-Corpse Taunt-Press Up+Circle

9EC7A99F F7D31C51
25BFF8FB C2D17E43


Darrius-Chest Cruncher-Press Up+Square

8D402547 32A34E9D
B058E695 8EF1357B


Darrius-Tricky Blast-Press Up+Triangle

F76162C0 C77F4EE7
7673DD8A 7ED0FA5D


Darrius-Target Practice-Press Up+X

43D6556F B9A32B38
28815242 7934A9BD


Darrius-Twisty Kick-Press Up+Circle

6564E792 BD0D66AD
A5769C08 277FF041


Onaga-Ground Stomp-Press Up+Square

D7702566 5A1A4AD9
96992B93 196E5EC0


Onaga-Flame Spit-Press Up+Square

60D9DC16 C6622C1D
0E7CF2EC 1497D429


Onaga-Fireball-Press Up+Square

7EBDB97F 03634F3E
A9CCF4E6 913230FD


Onaga-Powerslam-Press Up+Triangle

A370502F 3598FBC0
C7702EA9 FF6D80BF


Onaga-Wind Gust-Press Up+X

9073AE3E 925BDD1D